Suspended IPS scams on Mukesh Gupta, State Government issued charge sheet

Suspended IPS scams on Mukesh Gupta, State Government issued charge sheet

The problem of IPS Mukesh Gupta, suspended in Chhattisgarh's Highprofile Mikey Mehta murder case, could increase. The charge sheet has been issued against IPS Mukesh Gupta. The state government has issued these chargesheet against Mukesh Gupta at two other points including phone tapping. Now the state government has entrusted the responsibility of investigating the entire matter to DGP DM Awasthi. According to the sources, now Mukesh Gupta is preparing to screw up the departmental inquiry. It is said that suspended DG Mukesh Gupta is accused of spoiling the image of the police. Along with this, the allegations of misusing the staff in the back date have also been charged.

What is the whole case

After the change of power in Chhattisgarh, an order to investigate the Nan scam was ordered. Then it was revealed that before the raids, the officers and staff of the NAN were getting the phone taped. After getting sufficient confirmation of this, EOW filed a case against then DG Mukesh Gupta, SP Rajneesh Singh. In this case, EOW's DSP RK Dubey had made a statement against DG and SP, that under his pressure, he issued an order to illegally tap the phones of the officers. However Dubey's statement later became controversial.

After giving the statement, RK Dubey gave an affidavit in the High Court that the statement was made after putting pressure on him. But after a few days, he again incorrectly rejected his previous affidavit by giving a fresh affidavit in the High Court. He alleged that only on the request of Mukesh Gupta and Rajneesh Singh, they illegally tap the phones of the officers. In this case Mukesh Gupta was given a notice to answer the question and asked for questioning.


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