Never was a woman naxalite herself, now 'Danteshwari fighters' turned against Red Terror

Never was a woman naxalite herself, now 'Danteshwari fighters' turned against Red Terror

Leaving the way of red terror, after surrendering, most women get involved in 'domestic things'. But the Naxal-affected Chhattisgarh is slightly different in this case. Here, some of these women stand on the front in the war against the Naxalites by taking AK-47 in their hands. These commandos have been named as 'Danteshwari Ladakay' in the name of the patron goddess of Chhattisgarh. These commandos participated in an operation against the Maoists on Wednesday and carried out two Naxal piles. According to police sources, these female commandos have stacked 5 Naxalites in a month. Danteshwari is a group of women and men commandos, who are skilled in living and fighting in the forest.

This experiment is used in Dantewada district. P. Abhishek is the brainchild of Pallava. According to the information, when Abhishek Pallavas went to visit a camp of surrendered Naxalites 4 months ago, at that time the idea of ​​making women commandos in his mind came.

According to reports, "On the one hand, after training some of the former male Naxalites, they have been admitted to the District Reserve Guard while on the other hand women were making roti in the houses. Because of this, he was becoming a victim of frustration. Because they used to live equally with men in the forest. But now they are serving men. This made them feel weaker and lesser. '

Subsequently, Pallava District S.p. Dineshwari said to make 'Unified Combat Force of Women Commands' from Nanda. Then 30 women were selected and they were brigadier B. Of Powered by Ponwar (retired), sent to Kanker Jungle Warfare College. Here he was given a 6-week hard combat training in December. After this, all 30 women were given in-house training till March. At first he was sent in small operations, but now he is fully prepared for big operations.

According to Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallava, this will motivate surrender to more female Naxalites. Women commandos are perfect in some ways. They can hide their weapons in their sarees and keep an eye on the Maoists without any doubt. Not only this, they dissolve easily in the crowd.


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