Many families unemployed in Kondagaon due to this policy of administration

Many families unemployed in Kondagaon due to this policy of administration

In the name of road widening on the Mardapal Road and forward bound Para road intersection of NH 30 in Kondagaon in Chhattisgarh, the district administration took action to remove the possession of the land. After this policy of district administration many families are facing the stigma of unemployment. In the name of encroachment, some administrative bulldozers, who walked on the streets, have put the question mark on the mainstream of the state government as well as the politics of the district.

Shivprasad, who works on repairing the Sai Kill on Bandha Tharah, bounded by Kondagaon, is responsible for an old mother and two children. Shivprasad says that for more than fifteen years, he improves the Sialkal on the threshold, makes two days roti for his family. After the subversion, the condition is that plastic is forced to earn livelihood by using tarpaulin in the scorching heat. More or less the same is also Vijay Sahu, who has a tea bar at the depot chowk.

Hotel conductor Sahdev Sahu, who has been completely burnt to the depot naka thirah of Kondagaon, has accused the District Administration and MLA Mohan Marakam of the district directly that the current subversion is being done at the behest of Congress leaders. The demolition action of the district administration has put the BJP and Congress in front of them.

BJP has accused the state government of making false promises. BJP's District President Manoj Jain, while questioning the Congress menfesto, said that the Congress government of the state only speaks and does not work. At the same time, Congress's District General Secretary Geetesh Gandhi said that BJP's work is to make false allegations.


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