Chhattisgarh's 'Lok Suraj' is the largest social audit expedition in the country: Dr. Raman Singh

Raipur: Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that the state-wide Lok Suraj campaign of his government is the largest social audit campaign in the country. The main objective of this campaign is to communicate directly to the general public to realize the dream of good governance. Dr. Singh is going on a tour of all 27 districts of the state in the third phase of the campaign from March 11. The third phase of the campaign will run until March 31.
During the stay of the Chief Minister districts, during the stay of the districts, 13 district headquarters will rest during the night and during that time they will review the schemes by taking a meeting of the people and officials of the surrounding districts along with the concerned district. Dr. Singh will also make an accidental visit to the villages and cities during his stay. He told in Raipur today evening that through the Public Suraj campaign the Chhattisgarh government reaches the general public in the villages and cities.
In this campaign run in three phases, where villagers and ordinary citizens are invited to apply for proper solicitation, all the ministers including the Chief Minister, including the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary, undertake intensive visits of different districts and in the Chowpals between the general public and Ground plan reviews of government schemes and development works are held in the meetings.
The Chief Minister said that in the first phase, for the Lok Saraj campaign of this year, from January 12 to January 14, camps were imposed in rural areas for obtaining applications in the village panchayats and cities, in which the state government received 30 lakh 10 thousand 612 applications. Happened. Of this, 28 lakh 05 thousand 890 applications have been received from rural areas and one lakh 85 thousand 778 applications have been received from the urban areas.
The number of applications received online is 19 thousand 024. The Chief Minister said that after this, in the second phase, the related departments are being resolved by the concerned departments from January 15 to March 11. About 50 percent applications have been resolved. In the third phase, solution camps will also be set up among different village groups in all the districts, where people will be told about their applications received in the first phase.
In the third phase, a total of 1,811 solution camps are being organized. Out of this, one thousand 182 camps will be installed in rural areas and 629 camps will be set up among ward groups in urban areas.
The Chief Minister said that his government first started this campaign in the year 2005 as Village Suraj campaign. Keeping in view the success of the campaign and the increasing demands of the campaign among the people, the Government started the city Suraj campaign in 2012 and it is being organized in the form of Lok Sarraj Abhiyan from 2015, by adding both village and city. This year, this is the fourth Lok Suraj campaign.
He said that by exploring the problems and needs of the people sitting among the people, the state government has started many innovative schemes which are being implemented successfully today. He informed that Chief Minister Food Assistance Scheme for the millions of poor, Chief Minister Child Heart Protection Scheme for Children, Viva Health Test Scheme and Chief Minister's Child Health Scheme
Several schemes like Tiffin box distribution scheme for the workers of Mantre, Chief Minister Phadka Paduka Scheme for Tengupta Workers, and the contribution of Village Suraj and Lok Suraj campaign. He said that the idea of ​​making the country's first food security and nutrition security law to give food to the poor in the state also came during the village Suraj expedition. The Chhattisgarh government has had historic success in making extensive reforms in Public Distribution System (PDS).
Dr. Raman Singh said that 28 lakh applications were resolved in last year's Lok Saraj campaign in 2017. For the current year 2018 campaign, 50 percent of the 30 lakh applications compiled in the first phase have been resolved. In the third phase, the solution camps will be addressed to the people to solve their applications and action will be taken.
Efforts will be made to give them the benefits of those schemes by giving them information about various schemes of governance. Chief Minister said that 99 thousand 852 names were added to ration cards while disposing of applications related to various demands received from the public in last year's Lok Suraj campaign. 58 thousand 238 applications of Social Security and Old Age Pension Scheme were approved
38 thousand 296 cases of land reforms were settled. 32 thousand 334 applications were approved for hand pump improvement and new handpumps. In this connection, 15 thousand 503 applications were also approved for transformer and electric poles. Bills were revised while resolving the 3,353 applications received for improving the electricity bills.
Under the campaign 3 thousand 254 youth were also employed and four thousand 258 caste certificates were created. 23 thousand 146 applications of demarcation, transit and partition were settled by the Department of Revenue.
The Chief Minister said that in the year 2018 Lok Sarab Abhiyan, the maximum number of applications received for the Prime Minister's Housing Scheme. In the applications received for various departments, this year, the highest number of 17 lakh 63 thousand 714 applications to the Panchayat and Rural Development Department, four lakh 13 thousand 113 applications to the Food and Civil Supplies Department, one lakh 65 thousand 216 applications to the revenue department and 92 thousand 675 applications The City Administration Department has met.
Department of Energy received 74 thousand 531 applications and Social Welfare Department received 73 thousand 088 applications. The Labor Department has received 67 thousand 267, 58 thousand 603 of Public Health Engineering Department, 47 thousand for Animal Husbandry Department and 41 thousand 366 applications to the Department of Agriculture.



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