Chhattisgarh will get the right direction and new identity by education: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Important steps for the development of education will be taken by the state government.

Chhattisgarh will get the right direction and new identity by education: Shri Bhupesh Baghel: Important steps for the development of education will be taken by the state government.

Chief Minister launches 20 schemes including 'Vijay'

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today launched 20 schemes, including the project of the School Education Department here. Addressing the launch program and co-workshop, the Chief Minister said that in the field of education we need to evaluate and self-observation. We have to see what is the situation of children of Chhattisgarh in the world especially in India? By the time we do not compare our exact level by comparison, it will not be possible to develop in the future.
    Chief Minister Shri Bijel told through three examples how all seven tribal children of seven in the Abhoushmad's ashram made a place in Merit, children of tribal villages of the Konta assembly, how modern arrows became proficient in bow learning. In what way, a young man from Kanchav society of his village of Chhattisgarh had sacrificed his talent by dubbing five times in diving from the shore of the pond. Performed. He said that there is no shortage of talent in Chhattisgarh. Need is to recognize and decorate their talents. The Chief Minister said that there is no shortage of funds and resources for the schools in Chhattisgarh state. It is necessary that they can be utilized and through them the right direction of the children and the education sector can be given, then Chhattisgarh will get a new identity.

The Chief Minister said that in today's departments such as revenue, police and education, the work of its department is reduced but other types of work are done more. In the education department, work like mid-day meals, elections, bicycle distribution, distribution of uniforms, distribution of books are quite a lot, but the discussion or attention should not be given on the quality of education. In the education department, there are also side effects like strike, civilian and pay scale etc. He said that most of our children in urban and rural areas are studying in government schools. There are limited opportunities for education in the private sector. It is very important that a good environment is prepared in the state of education, good presentation of teachers, children learn quickly and if the teachers are well connected with the students, then the students get enough benefit. There is a need to focus on the quality of education. The Chief Minister said that the new government has first given attention to the development of agriculture and farming. Now the second step is to be taken for the development of education. Because if we are backward in education, we will be lagging behind in all the areas. He said that he has presented a good example of utilization of time in the education department. Preparing 20 programs is not a one-two-day work. During the code of conduct of assembly, the people of the education department have prepared guides and plans for the development of education. All this is eligible for congratulations.

While giving information about the project 'victorious', School Education Minister Dr. Premasi Singh said that the girl child has been started with the view to empowering education and to make the life of girl child successful. He emphasized on making schools and education interesting and attracting, making quality by bringing changes in education. He said that we are all worried about the education of girls today. It is necessary that whatever our children learn, they will be displayed and their children benefit. He thanked the volunteer organization 'Room to Read' for the cooperation given in Chhattisgarh schools. He said that education will also benefit from innovation, learning material and smile library.
    Principal Secretary School Education Shri Gaurav Dwivedi said that in the Chhattisgarh state many innovative and successful experiments have been made in school education for many years, but these experiments are generally limited to small realm or pilot projects. He said that there is a dire need that such efforts should extend to the state and no one is left out of innovation. He said that attempts were made to link the schools to the community and the parents have also been good results, but there is a need to create more social movement by increasing it. He said that there is an effort to make good arrangements for sports in all schools and a provision of Rs. 19 crores has been made for this. Similarly, through the School Development Committee, every teacher can make teaching material on the basis of local material, there is a provision of five to five hundred rupees and a grant of Rs. 40 crores has been released for this.
    Mr. Saurabh Banerjee, National Director of Self-Service Institute 'Room to Read, told that his organization is working in 16 countries of Asia and Africa. The program is being run by them in 11 districts of the country, Raipur, Baloudabazar and Rajnandgaon in three districts of Chhattisgarh. This program is based on promoting girl education and their life skills. Today there is a need to promote girl child education and early education. It is also necessary that the skill of reading in children and the habit of reading them in children is also needed. From class two, the child can understand the stream flow and understand it. Training will be given to the Superintendents and selected teachers in the residential schools run in the state (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Residential School, Pota Kebin, Ashram Shala) under the project triumph. The District Education Officer, District Mission Coordinator, Assistant Program Coordinator and various components of the Education Department were present in the workshop. In the program, Operational Composite Education Mr. P. Dayanand, Director of Public Education Shri S. Prakash, Joint Secretary School Education Mr. Saurabh Kumar were also present.
    In the program, the Chief Minister supported the powerful girls in successful life, under therapeutic teaching, learning based under the India Learning Project, technology-based trekking, child marriage for children under the hair cabinet, online training of teachers, and one lakh questions in e-review Online questions for the teachers working in the bank, teacher training management system, tribal areas Neither course, Chief Minister also released the urban literacy programs, school safety plans, educational events for teachers and award booklets contact practice for English, mathematics in primary school, children's literature to smile library.
    Simultaneously, in the scheme of sports development to develop rural sports talent in the sports gaadiya scheme, Diary for the understanding of the understanding of the rewards in learning the remedial teaching, opportunity plan for left-wing extremism-affected (LWE) areas of Bastar division, diary, discussion Letter, Regularly printed newsletter for monthly academic discussions, workshops for the preparation of preparation plan, Mission LOC plan Ing outcome, has also released a mobile app and improve learning in Gyanskti program for Completion of trekking.
     Chief Minister expressed happiness on receiving the book as welcome
    The Chief Minister expressed his spiritual pleasure when he presented the book as a welcome in the education department's program and said that there is a shortage of time in today's busy life, but he still studied these books during the journey. will do.


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