Jashpurnagar: The concept of 'Narva Garuna Ghurva Au Bari' is coming to the conclusion of the village of Heytakapa.

Jashpurnagar: The concept of 'Narva Garuna Ghurva Au Bari' is coming to the conclusion of the village of Heytakapa.

Gautan made in 8 acres with shramdan and government help

The Collector appreciated the thinking and hard work of the villagers


The idea of ​​the new government of Chhattisgarh has been conceived by the villagers of Heathakapa with their thinking, hard work and government help. The idea of ​​"Navra, Garuva, Ghurvaa au-Aila Bachanaa Sankari" has been envisaged. Hathkapa is a village of Kunakuri Vikaskhand in Jashpur district. This village is situated in the lap of hills. There are 412 families residing in this village. This village is also the headquarters of Panchayat. In its dependent village Upkarakapa, water conservation, utilization of the water of the river (drain), and the development of body development is appreciated.

Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar visited the Headkapa and Upkarpada and examined the Gautan and pasture developed in 8 acres of land for preservation and promotion under the "Navra Garuna Ghurva Au Bari" program. The Collector appreciated the efforts of the villagers of Heathakapa and where all of you have demonstrated the motive of the Chhattisgarh government. The collector has given all possible assistance to take forward this project through the plans of all departments of Governance (Convergence) in Hathkapa and Upkar Kapa.

        The collector also discussed the women related to the self-help group during this period and explained to him the use of vegetable and fruit plants. He said that the woman who cultivates vegetable-vegetable hybrid seeds should be administered to the self-help group as well as to manage its marketing arrangements.

        Hepakapa's Sarpanch Umbrela Bai told that in order to make gaughana in the village, 8 acres of land in the foothills of the hill were all marked with the consent of all. To make gothan here, it was done by performing Shramadan and cleanliness. The guidance of the officers of the district panchayat, agriculture and other departments, has developed 12 baths and four drinking water stitches for fodder fodder along with the development of Gothan. 7 shepherds have been kept to feed the animals. The sutures have been made to prepare the Nadep and Vermi Compost compost in this Gothan. Gathegan's Facing is done at the cost of 5.50 lakhs, 3 acres of land belonging to Gautan, which has been donated for three years by Parasari, Milan, Jhulan, Bhaineshwar, resident of Heathakpa, voluntarily. In this land, work is being done to set up Nepalese grass for feeding of animals. The collector praised the villagers who donated the land. He said that with the help of Napier grass, the cultivation of the fields was done on lease of land surrounding the vacant land and other fruit trees would be provided to the villagers to get additional income.

The collector said that in the case of water conservation, animal development and Bari development, the village of Hathakapa is not only the district of Jashpur but it is the leading village of Chhattisgarh state. This village has become the elaborate village of Narva Garva Ghurva Au Vari Vikas Yojana. The construction and development of this Gothan is being done under the supervision of Gopal Shepherd Committee. At present there are 300 maintenance.

Humor on the path of self reliance

        Vinod Kerketta of Hathakapa village has become an inspiration for the other youth by making their livelihood and their livelihoods of animal husbandry and milk production through hard work and hard work. 30-year-old Mr. Kerketta started his cow's work almost a year ago, inspired by the task of preserving conservation and enrichment in his village. Today, he has 7 milch cows, which gives an average of 30 liters of milk per day. Whom he sells in his village including Goria Kunukuri. Mr Kerketta said that this has made him earn 12-15 thousand rupees per month. There is a motive to pursue this work of cow rearing. He is trying to make a green fodder arrangement for the cows, and to plant the Napier grass. Along with cow-servicing, he is also doing pisciculture. Mr. Kerketta, who is making fish by making 2 dubari (pond) in his own land, said that in the last 4 months he has produced more than one quintal of fish.

Turns to turn development

       Mr. Fattestar Chauhan, a farmer of the dependent village Upkarppa of Hathkapa village panchayat, developed a luxurious turn (fencing) in the last one and a half acres of his house. Fattestar Chauhan is dressing potatoes, papaya, gram, garlic, radish, munga, onion, groundnut, as well as arranging for green fodder for the birds. Collector Shri Nilesh Kumar Mahadev Kshirsagar examined Fatechwar Chauhan Bardi and described the best man developed by him as a model. The collector said that it is the intention of the state government to produce vegetable nights and fruits through the villagers' bari and become economically self dependent. They do not have to buy from the vegetable niger market. Farmer Fatechhar Chauhan, through his electricity and irrigation water from the irrigation canal water. Durbari has also been constructed from MNREGA for water conservation in Upkarakapa village at a cost of 9 lakh 65 thousand rupees.

Women of self help group will cultivate vegetable

       In Daparkappa village, 10 self help groups of women have been encouraged to cultivate vegetable. Collector Shri Kshirsagar discussed the activities of the Upkarakapa village in detail about the activities of their group and in the direction of self-reliance, during his visit today. Women expressed their intention to cultivate vegetable in a collective manner, while giving the women self-help groups to the officers of the Department of Agriculture and Horticulture, for their being free of the management of hybrid vegetable seeds, manure etc.. The Collector also said to ensure the management of irrigation under NABARD's Baradi Development Program. Hathakapa, Upkarakapa village under water project, IhMP 15 With water conservation as well as livelihood, farmers are also cultivating fruitful plants. Uprakapa's Badruddin has cultivated papaya in 1.5 acres of land. During this time SDM Shri R.N. Pandey, Chief Executive Officer of Janpad Panchayat Kunkuri, ADO of Agriculture Department, Shri Ravi Ranjan Sahu and other officers were present.


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