Dr. Raman Singh talks to villagers in 'Jansanwad'

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today called upon the agriculturists not to go for paddy sowing in summer months. He advised the farmers to go in for wheat and grams' farming. He said that during the scorching summer heat the water-table recedes under the ground and if the farmers go for paddy sowing then the condition of water table will turn precarious. The entire water table is sucked by the paddy crop. There is a need for less water during the Rabi season.

Chief Minister was advising a farmer Mr. Yogesh Kumar village Pendrikala (development block-Khairagarh) district Rajnandagaon on telephone from his official residence. He was speaking to farmers as a part of his monthly 'Jansamwad'. He spoke to Mr. Suresh Kumar village Raghunathpur (Development block-Premnagar) district Surajpur, Mr.  Somsingh village Darba district Bastar and Mr. Hemanand village Dhaninawa (development block Baramkela ) district Raigarh on his telephone. He enquired about the village development, details regarding the farmers' families.

Dr. Raman Singh asked about the medical facilities, ration shops, schools, condition of anganwadi, irrigation and roads to villages. The villagers were excited to get a direct telephone call from Chief Minister's residence. It may be mentioned here that ' Jansanwad' had been launched on 17 December 2017.

Chief Minister rang up to Mr. Yogesh Kumar and spoke in native dialect and asked many queries. The farmer said that ration shop is operating smoothly, there is a tap connection but some defects in boring well. The school teaches up to eighth standard. There are enough teachers and students in the school. Inoculation of patients occurs every week at the anganwadi kendra. Mr. Yogesh said that cement concrete roads had been laid even in the lanes of the village but some repair works have to be done. There is no shortage of electricity. There are enough irrigation pumps in the village.

Dr. Raman Singh called upon the farmer not to go in for paddy crop in the summer months. Sow wheat and grams crops. He gave details of Smart Health Card and added that a patient can avail of medical facilities up to Rs 50 thousand. The farmer said that all-weather road connects the village to district Rajnandgaon and block headquarter town Khairagarh.

Chief Minister enquired about toilets with farmer Mr. Suresh Kumar village Raghunathpur district Surajpur. The villager said that all the houses in the village have toilets. Ration shop is located at a distance of one kilometer and it is operated by self-help groups. Anganwadi inoculates patients weekly basis. There is a middle school in the village. The quality of education is o.k. but at times teachers go on stir. He added that there is a need for increasing the strength of doctors in the village hospital. There is total electrification in the village.