Dr. Raman Singh today said that credibility is the hallmark of good journalism

Chief Minister dedicates F.M. community radio station -T.V. studio at Journalism University

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today said that credibility  is the hallmark of good journalism. Just shouting- screaming is not journalism.  He was addressing the students after dedicating the F.M. Community Radio station and Television Programme producing studio for students at the Kushabau Takre Journalism and Mass Communication University. He congratulated the University and wished it a bright future.

Dr. Raman Singh said that radio station will not only train the journalism students but also will become a medium for spreading awareness regarding swachhta, environment and other several issues. He also gave interview to radio station and television studio. The interview was telecast live. He added that the influence of social media is increasing rapidly. The news in print media and electronic media should carry credibility.  The F.M. radio can be heard over a radius of 20 kilometer around the University. Higher and Technical Education  Minister Mr. Premprakash Pande was also present.

Chief Minister said that the facilities available at this University are not even provided at the elite universities of the country. The students can understand the technical nuances with the ultra-modern equipment available here. Dr. Raman Singh said that Chhattisgarh had a hoary tradition of journalism. Mr. Madhavrao Sapre used to publish Chhattisgarh Mitra from Pendra about 118 years ago in the year 1900. Former Prime Minister Mr. Atal Behari Vajpayee inaugurated this university. Legendary Kushabau Thakre's name is associated with this university. The students should carve out a niche for the university in the times to come.  Credibility is the cornerstone of good journalism. Pandit Ravishankar Shukla and Mr. Motilal Vora started their careers in journalism.

Chief Minister said that students will be well-versed in electronic and print journalism and proceed in career with confidence. The students should have knowledge of Chhattisgarh culture, literature, history and politics.

Mr. Pande said that students will be provided with practical experience of electronic and print media. He added that with the revolution in information technology there is a flood of information available. University Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Mansingh Parmar in his welcome address said that students will be provided with practical technical training in television production, anchoring, interviews, documentaries' production. There is a proposal to produce a daily newspaper from the premises itself. Senior journalists, professors and students were also present.