'Voter Awareness Forum' launches in the state

'Voter Awareness Forum' launches in the state

Ranging from school, college to voter awareness
Voters awareness programs will be institutionalized

Formation of Forum in Government and Non-Government Offices

Voter 'Awareness Forum' has been launched to increase voter awareness at every level in Korea 17 January 2019 / Chhattisgarh. Chief Election Officer, Mr. Subrata Sahu, launched it on January 16, in a function organized at CEO Office. In the program, he said that in order to develop a culture of strong and effective electoral participation, all the governmental, semi-governmental and non-governmental offices in the state are being formed in the 'Voter Awareness Forum; Paranjit. He said that on the instructions of the Election Commission of India, its process has started in the state. Electoral literacy clubs are being set up in all the offices to provide knowledge of voter literacy and connect them with the voting process. Addressing the officials of the election office, NGOs, Master Trainers in the program, he said that this forum is part of the voter literacy club. He said that voting awareness should be encouraged by making students from different groups participating in this forum.
The Forum will be formed in different institutions and will work differently at district and state level. Nodal officers will also be coordinated to coordinate all these. On the occasion, Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr S. Bhartidasan, Joint CEO, Smt. Padmini Bhoi Sahu, Deputy Chief Election Officer, Mr. U.S. Agrawal and Mr. Ashish Tikhiyaha, Nodal Officer of State Voters Awareness Forum, Shri Prashant Pandey, State Chief of Indian Industry Confederation, Mr. Satish Pandey, Election Literacy Club, State Level Master Trainer, Ms. Nidh Agrawal, State Resource Person Mr. Madan Upadhyay and Master of the Election Literacy Club. Other members of the Voter Awareness Forum, including Television, Mr. Chunnilal Sharma Mr. and Master Trainers were present.
It is notable that the Commission has incorporated the formation of the Voter Awareness Forum as an important step to increase the participation of voters in the electoral process. Chief Election Officer Shri Subrata Sahu has written to all the collectors and district election officials for the formation of 'Voter Awareness Forum'. In the letter, the information about the objectives of the forum, organization and key functions has been given. Collectors have been directed to form the Forum in government offices, non-governmental and semi-official offices, as well as government offices in the district.
Shri Sahu said that through the Forum, necessary action will be taken to create awareness regarding the voting process and to encourage people to enroll in the voters' list and encourage ethical voting. Office of the Head Forum will be the Chairman. The senior officer or employee with the experience of departmental chief election work will be appointed as the nodal officer of the forum. A committee will be constituted by the forum for organizing various activities. On the occasion of the State Level Voter Awareness Forum, Nodal Officer, Shri Prashant Pandey gave detailed information in accordance with the guiding points of the Election Commission of India through PowerPoint Presentation. On this occasion, a five-minute documentary film prepared in connection with the Voter Awareness Forum was also demonstrated by the Commission.


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