Health Department urges citizens to prevent avian influenza

Health Department urges citizens to prevent avian influenza

Mahasamund 11 Jan

In view of the outbreak of AVN influenza in some parts of the country, guidelines have been issued to be vigilant by the Health Department of the State Government and appeal has been made to the general public to take proper precautions to protect against avian influenza and Protect The Chief Medical and Health Officer has advised to be cautious while explaining some necessary remedies and symptoms in this regard.

He explained that symptoms of bird flu in humans such as fever, throat damage, cough, headache, muscle pain, colds and nose bleeding. Complications of bird flu such as infection of the eyes, difficulty breathing, pneumonia and inflamed swelling in the heart, avian influenza; transfusion of infection is transmitted through infected migratory birds and poultry birds in humans.

Those who live in poultry farm deficiency, birds and egg sellers, bird and egg markets, are more prone to bird flu. Such people are also prone to spread from one man to another, birds (especially poultry); Infections of infectious diseases are likely to spread to infectious diseases in humans. Infections in poultry birds can be spread in neighboring states by the arrival of birds infected with birds affected by infection.
Due to the spread of avian influenza infections in pet or non-pet birds, this infection can pose a risk of spreading in humans. Due to the proper anti-infective measures, the disposal of dead infected birds can reduce the risk of infection spreading from humans. In case of infection of humans in avian influenza, high episode mortality can be up to 60 percent.

The Chief Medical and Health Officer told about the measures to prevent this, that if a person has a complaint of cold fever in the area of ​​birds, contact the immediate nearest physician and get treatment. Do not touch the birds' wings, saliva, and waste; Always keep a nose and mouth mask or a dense cloth while caring for birds, avoid pregnant women and children coming in contact with animals and birds.

Do not eat dead birds or poultry from the disease, do not eat raw or uncooked meat, eat after meat cooked at 70 degree centigrade for more than 30 minutes, those who come in contact with poultry birds or their products repeatedly have their hands Wash with soap and water, clothes, shoes, sandals etc. should be washed at least once a day. Try to be vegetarian as long as possible, while cooking the food in your hands,Clean all the utensils and surfaces in contact with the hot water and soap, use only after washing the meat and eggs properly; If there is sudden death in the pet and non-pets, then this information will be immediately available. Give to veterinary officer and do not touch dead birds and proper execution.




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