Women groups also come forward and take loans under self-employment under schemes, made financially strong: collector

Women groups also come forward and take loans under self-employment under schemes, made financially strong: collector

Mahasamund 11 Jan

Under the various schemes of Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurship, efforts are being made by the district administration to make the beneficiaries self-employed and making them economically viable. Under these efforts, camps are being organized in various development blocks of the district, where the applications of beneficiaries are approved by the beneficiaries on the camp site and they are being provided the letter of acceptance letter.

In this context, camp was organized in the premises of Gram Panchayat in Bhanwarpur of Vikas Vikas, under the guidance and guidance of the Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain, under the scheme of Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (MSME) promotion program. Under this scheme, sanction letter has been distributed to beneficiaries at the camp site after sanctioning loans of 14 beneficiaries, 24 lac 63 thousand under different schemes of micro and medium enterprises related to various schemes.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat Shri Rituraj Raghuvanshi, SDM Saraipalali Mr. Vinay Kumar Langeh, Additional Collector Mr. Alok Pandey were present. Addressing the villagers present in the camp, Collector Shri Sunil Kumar Jain said that the camps are being organized in the district to make them self employed by making loans for small, micro and marginal people. This effort is being made to make the people interested in entrepreneurship and self-employment establishment to become self-reliant. He said that the self help groups of the district are also employing employment by taking advantage of loans under various schemes.

He said that through self employment, women self help group is engaged in preparing different types of products. The products of these groups will be directed to use in different government departments of the district. He also said that other women groups also came forward and set up self employment in the form of loans under the schemes and became financially empowered.

He said that in such camps, the villagers are particularly present and informed about the schemes implemented by the departments of different government departments through the department, take advantage of it. He urged the common man to present an application for the enterprises who want to set up in these camps. Officials will fix their prompt

The collector said that the Jam Portal has been arranged for small and small businessmen, by which it is made available online and the market is available for it across the country. There are many such entrepreneurs in the district who are preparing different types of good products. They can all register in Jam Portal and can easily sell their product. The venue of the District Trade and Industry Center, Village Industries, Skill Development Department,In order to benefit from self-employment and interest-based schemes by joint coordination with the other employment departments, including the labor department, handlooms, intermediaries, cooperative finance and development corporations, bankers of the district, gave information about the public welfare and interest-oriented schemes of their department and how Benefits can be availed, they have been exposed to their overall processes.

Along with these entrepreneurship camps, here today, the Department of Health has renewed the certificates of the Divisions and the camp was organized for the registration of the new, where a large number of Divyanjans were present and the renewal and registration of their certificates Edited or In addition to this, a large number of people were also given health check on the occasion of World Diabetes Day.

E-Rikshak was distributed by the labor department at the camp site, while the labor card was also distributed to the workers. Simultaneously, certificates were also distributed to the trained youth under skill development upgradation.

On this occasion, Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr. S.B. Mangrulkar, Deputy Director, Animal Husbandry Department, Mr. D.D. Shri Gajghate, General Manager, Jharia, District Trade and Industry Center; Assistant Commissioner of Tribal Development Department; Shri N.R. Shri Deveganan, Labor Commissioner, Shri Ghanshyam Water Grihi, District Program Officer, Women and Child Development Department, Mr. Brijen Singh Thakur, NABARD's District Development Manager, Mr. K.G. Manoj,The Minister of Skill Development Authority, Mr. Ashok Sahu, Ms. Pranita Tamboli from Laillyhud College, Lead Back Officer Mr. Arun Mishra and the villagers along with the officers of various banks of the district were present.

Loan Approval letter for self-employed given to youth

Under the Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (MSME) promotion program today, in the camp today, Rs 2 lakh 50 thousand rupees for the helpline of Janaki Devi Self Help Group, Rs. 98 thousand for Santosh Mehar e-rickshaw, John Wilson Das to the Computer Sector 5 lakh lakhs 76 thousand rupees, Rs. 5 lakh 76 thousand rupees for Sant Kirtan Deep computer center, Rs. One lakh under NRLM to Jai Ambhe Mahila Samiti,Rs one lakh for the Mahatma Swaayo Swastha Group under the NRLM, 25 thousand rupees for the handloom to Mr. Rohit Lal Devangan, 25 thousand rupees for the handloom of Mr. Dayaram Devganan,Rs 25 thousand for handloom, Rs. 25 thousand for the handloom, Rs. 38 thousand rupees for the handloom of Seema Devangan, Rs. One lakh under NRLM to Ambe Women Self Help Group, Saraswati Mahila Sammel under one NRLM, one lakh rupees, Chandrasekhar Nayak to Floor 4 lakh rupees for the mill and Tarakeswar Negi received an acceptance letter of 50 thousand rupees from the anchor.

Happy satisfaction with e-rickshaw

On the camp site organized at Bhanwarpur, the labor department handed over the keys to two beneficiaries, Santosh Natay and Shankar Patel by e-rickshaw. Mr. Santosh Nate, a resident of village Mahaladab, told that he used to do the work of Hamal, Helper etc. in the first garage.

Then he saw the e-rickshaw roaming in the city and after running, maintenance, etc., he felt comfortable working in the work, after contacting the labor department, he completed the process of applying and got the information that he was the only one to get e-rickshaw Lakhs 10 thousand rupees will be paid as a installment and the government will get subsidy of 50 thousand rupees. While not delaying, Mr. Dave completed the document and was given the key by the collector, Mr. Jain, in the camp itself. Shri Nave informed that now they will conduct e-rickshaw operations and ride in the surrounding rural areas, thereby improving its economic condition.



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