Children can make their future in the field of sports and its Many facilities are being provided by the State Government - Member of Parliament Mr. Sahu

Children can make their future in the field of sports and its Many facilities are being provided by the State Government - Member of Parliament Mr. Sahu

Mahasamund, September 13, 2018 / 18th state level sports competition, was concluded from 10th to 13th September, 2018 in the mini stadium Maidan Mahasamund. Mr. Chandulal Sahu, MP of Mahasamund Lok Sabha constituency, was present on the occasion of the closing ceremony. The program was chaired by Mrs. Rupkumari Chaudhary, Parliamentary Secretary, Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department. Mahasamund MLA Dr. Vimal Chopra, Chairman of the State Renewable Energy Development Agency, Credo Chairman Mr. Purandar Mishra, Chairman of Matikkal Board Mr. Chandrashekhar Paday, Chairman of Municipal Corporation Mr. Pawan Patel, District President Mahasamund Shri Dharmadas Willing, District as a special guest on this occasion. Panchayat Vice President Smt. Gopamoti Sahu, Minister of State for External Affairs, Mr. Poonam Chandrakar, Director of India Scout Guide Sh Sh Aetram Sahu, Councilor Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Mr. Sandeep Ghosh, Public Assistant Director of Education Directorate Mr. Skarkkars and regional offices Raipur attended Mr. Neelamani Chandrakar.

Chief guest of the closing ceremony Mr. Sahu said that sports should be encouraged along with studies as well. He further said that children can make their future in the field of sports jump and for this many facilities are being provided by the state government. Apart from this, players are given priority in the job. Presiding over the program, Parliamentary Secretary, Mrs. Rupkumari Chaudhary wished the children's bright future in the field of sports and said that children in this field should come forward and name the state in the field of sports. Apart from this, the game can also be adopted as a career.
Welcome to the Chief Guest and the Monsense Specialists, Mr. BL from the bouquet. Kurray District Education Officer Mahasamund, Assistant Director Mr. Satish Nayar, Shri Ajay Vishwas, Shri Himanshu Bharti, Shri N.K. Sinha, Ms. Anjali Beramal Six District Sports Officer. All specific people and guests were welcomed welcome by selling books and selling them. Welcome address Mr. B.L. Kurray was given by the District Education Officer. The platform was moderated by Shri Tekram Sen and Rajesh Sharma. Thanksgiving was done by Mr. Himanshu Bharti Assistant Operator. Salute to the players was led by Hemant Purak. Cultural Presentation Model U.M. And six U.V. By Mahasamund. The flag passed by the chief guest and honorable guest under the leadership of Hirenda Devgan. After that the termination of the game was announced lawfully. By flying the balloon, the flag was delivered by the chief guests to keep the Mr. B.L. Kurre District Education Officer and the organization secretary safe from the next game. On this occasion, the sports enthusiasts and special guests of the city, the honorable civic civillers were present in a large number.
 District Education Officer inaugurated the program in-charge and inaugurated the forum for managing director Ms. Shashi Prabha Thinte, Principal, Sh.D.S.M.M.V. Mahasamud, Cultural Program Committee, Convenor, Smt S. Chandrasan, SHAA Shri. Yogeshwar Sahu, BRC, Convenor, Transport System. Mahasamund, Housing and Playground arrangements Drinking Water System Chief Municipal Officer Mahasamund Executive Engineer Public Health Engineering Department Mahasamund Executive Engineer Public Works Department Mahasamund, Chief Medical and Health Officer, Food Meal Coordinator District Food Officer, Shri Kamal Narayan Chandrakar Disciplinary and Security Department, Sub-Divisional Officer Thana in-charge City Kotwali Mahasamun Mrs. Ami Rufs Mrs. Silence roux Mr. Si.alkchandrakr control room Shsnyeajk Rdhunath Sinha, Manoj Dritlhre sports official Kekyukkk Mahasamund Shri Ashok Giri Goswami Shri Hirendra Kumar Sahu, Shri Ramlal Patel, Sunil Kumar Bhoi, Imran Ali, Seven Das Manikpuri, Gaanesh Ram Kosare, Beduram Ram Ram Kumar Sahu, Tuleendra Kumar Sagar, Shri Bhojraj Sidar, Rajesh Divan Smt. Rajeshwari Dhruvanshi, Smt. C. S. Lal, Vasudha Barle, Anju Prajapati, Housing Traffic In-charge and all direct indirect colleagues Thank you for the lively cooperation.
Results of 18th state level school competition

In the result of the 18th state-level school sports competition handball, 17 year old child winner Raipur emphasis, runner-up Durg Zone and third Janjgir. Handball: 17 years winner Raipur Zone, runner-up Jashpur Zone and third Kanker, thrower wrestler Raipur, 14 wins in Run Bolar, Runner-up Durg and third in Kadagaon, thrower Ball Bastar in 14-year girl, Runners up in Kabaddi and 3rd Raipur. Ball Badminton, 14-year-old child winner Durg, runner-up, Kabirdham, third Raipur, Ball Badminton, 14 year old girl winner Kabirdham, runners-up, Raipur and Third Durg Zone. Rugby football winners in 14-year-old boy Bastar, runners-up in Kabirdham, third Raipur, rugby football, 14 year old girl winner Raipur, runner-up Kabirdham and third rank. Rugby football winners Raipur, runners-up Bilaspur, third Janjgir in 17-year-old boy Rugby football champion in rugby football 17 years, Raipur, runner-up, Korea, third Janjgir, rugby football, 19 year old child winner Raipur, runner-up Bilaspur and third bastar. Rugby football 19-year-old girl wins Bastar, runner-up Bilaspur, third Janjgir. In the same way, Kabaddi 19 year old child winner Durg, runner-up Raipur and third Kabirdham and Kabbadi were the winners in 19 year girl Rajnandgaon, runner-up Bilaspur and third Kanker.


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