Tribal will write letters to the President, changing the governor, this is the reason

All tribal societies have been mobilized against the state government regarding the Land Revenue Code Amendment Bill. On Tuesday, the meeting of the government held in Circuit House, after the boycott by the society, was held in the emergency meeting of the society. In this, the condemnation motion was passed against the governor of Chhattisgarh.

Adivasi society also decided to boycott three ministers of the society Ramsevak Pakra, Mahesh Gagra and Kedar Kashyap. At the same time, the decision to write a letter to the President was also taken in the meeting to recall the Governor. Tribal society is opposing the bill of land revenue bill passed by the government.

An emergency meeting has been convened by the society on January 14.
All the legislators of the society have been asked to come inevitably. Also on February 10, there was also a warning of a fierce movement in the capital. This decision of tribal society has increased the concern of the government.
Significantly, the state government had amended the revenue lion by bringing a bill in the legislative assembly. Tribal society is opposing it. Tribal leader Sohan Potai, others along with Shishupal Sori talked to the media and informed about it.


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