Workshop organized by the Forest Department to stop the rising incidence of elephants

In the Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh, forest department is organizing workshops in village-village these days to curb the menace of elephants and to prevent the rising of the elephants. In the workshop, the villagers were told to remove the elephants from the elephants and to keep the elephants away from the village and they were also given training.

At the same time, the DFO Pankaj Rajput in Hathi-affected Jashpur district has been trying to convince the people that the elephants do not come out from here, but there is a residual of wild elephants for hundreds of years in Sarguja and Jashpur.

He said that many tips have been given in the workshop to keep people safe from elephants. On the other hand, information about the arrival of elephants from the Gajmeetras in the workshop is being discussed, besides the villagers, measures to keep the elephants away from the village, including giving to the forest department.

Such efforts of forest department have reduced the number of deaths in elephant attacks in Jashpur. In the past 1 year, elephant attacks have killed only 3 villagers. There is also a decrease in the loss of houses and crops due to which the elephants are considered to not be disturbed by the villagers.


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