Effective solution for waste management - West Diccompores

Effective solution for waste management - West Diccompores

Bemetara 22 Dec.

Senior Scientific and Head of Agriculture Science Center Bemetra C.R. Under the guidance of Netamat, farmers of Gram-Jhal were trained to produce crop wastewater by scientists. The training was explained by demonstrating the way the farmers were created on their own farm to produce anew. The daily production of per capita waste in Indian cities ranges from 200 g to 600 gm and in villages it is 300-400 gram per family per day.

At present, such waste is usually burnt or left to rot. To overcome this problem, garbage / wastewater has been prepared by the National Organic Farming Center, Ministry of Agriculture and Welfare, Ghaziabad. Garbage decomposition is an easy effort towards clean India, which also encourages organic farming.

Waste decompressor is a group of beneficial microorganisms. Is able to convert all types of wastes generated from kitchen, agriculture and cattle etc. into 40-day usable form. This single product is capable of converting one million metric tons of garbage in just a few days. West Decomposer works as organic fertilizer, bio-control as well as soil health repellent. To combat diseases in all types of agriculture and horticultural crops, early composting of bio waste - drip irrigation, spraying on leaves and biological pesticides as well as seeds can be used for treatment.

Dr. Pragya Pandey told the farmers that the farmer can easily prepare the West Diccomporter on his farm. For this, take two kilogram jaggery and mix it in 200 liters of plastic bottles. Now take a bottle of West Dissociation and put the ingredients in this bottle into a drum containing jaggery. Use a wooden stick to dissolve the West DiComposer in the drum, and avoid contact with water directly in culture or drum.

Give this solution to shake 1-2 daily. After 5-7 days, the solution present in the drum will also be frozen in the upper surface and the slurry will become frozen. Now this solution is ready for use. Farmers can build the West Decimposer repeatedly with the above-built solutions. For this, add 20 liters of West Diccompore solution to 200 kg of water in the drum with two kg of jaggery. Then it will be ready in seven days. The compost that is produced using the West DiComposer is dry, dark brown and odorless. It is not too hot and is very good quality. It does not attract flies and insects. The Center for Agricultural Sciences has set up the West Diccompore Unit in Jhal area, where the construction of West DiComposer has been started and the farmers are being made available at reasonable prices. The farmers are also benefitting from this experiment.




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