Demand for tribal chief minister in Chhattisgarh

Adiwasi Bahlulya region has neglected the neglect of tribals. Tribal society is agitated about this and tribal society in a voice are demanding tribal chief minister in the state. People of tribal society believe that being the tribal chief minister, the exploitation of tribals will be stopped at least. Being the tribal chief minister, the government will bless the tribals.

The state government has taken the trouble sitting by passing the land revenue sanction bill by the state government. Even after the government's efforts and cleanliness, the tribal society of the state is no longer appearing in the mood to compromise. Rather, the demand of the tribal chief minister, who has been heading in the year 2003 and 2005, has once again caught hold of the demand.

Although the tribal minister and the MLAs who were in the ministry in the first government had to pay the tribute to the demand of the tribal chief minister.
This is the reason that this time this demand is not the minister's minister or MLA of the government but the leaders of tribal society are doing it. Former Union Minister Arvind Netam, while supporting the demand of the tribal chief minister, said that being the tribal chief minister would be good for the society. Rather, the tribal chief minister will take a decision in terms of psychological thinking on what kind of criticism he should learn in the interest of the society.

Arvind Netam said, pointing to future prospects, that no one has seen it tomorrow, but tribal society is quite upset with what the government is currently making. The decisions taken by the current governments are being taken in marginalized tribal society. He is making such conditions that tribal society is preparing to take steps in coming society.

While avoiding contesting the election, Netam said that he would do the job of guarding the society only. On the other hand, Manish Kunjam, national president of the tribal general assembly, who has been silent for a long time, has broken his silence and said that when this state was formed, it was done keeping in mind that tribal chief minister would be here. Kujam regretted that the contributions of tribal leaders and ministers were only zero.


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