Review meeting of departmental plans concluded

Review meeting of departmental plans concluded
The meeting was concluded in the presence of Surajpur 13 December 2018 / Presiding over the function of Collector Mr. KD Deesanapati and in the presence of District Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh. In the meeting Mr. K.C. Deveshnapati guided the development division of education division and other departmental schemes and directed that all the level level officers should make at least 15 schools aware of the reports before the winter holidays. Make sure to complete the course from 1st class to 1st class on 31st January, 2019. In schools where there is lack of teachers, instructed to present the proposals for composite school operation for the teacher arrangement promptly. In this order, the District Education Officer Mr. Rajesh Kumar Singh took the information of the progress of the caste, residence certificate of the students of class 6th to 12th standard during the review and directed that work should be completed with special interest and also at the camp site. Have presence. Regarding scholarship, it was also directed to make necessary improvements in the entry of duplicate entries and account entry. Proposal for the proceeding of departmental investigation and termination of service against teachers absent for long time and absent teachers was directed to present within 01 weeks. All BRCs To S.S.A. The incomplete construction works were directed to expeditiously complete.
All development block level officers and Assistant District Project Officer Shri Ajay Mishra, DMC Mr Sudarshan Agarwal, Assistant Director Mrs Lata Beck, MIS Administrator Mr. Dinesh Kumar Kaushik was present.


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