Collector's information regarding preparations for counting

Collector's information regarding preparations for counting

Bemetara 3 Dec.

Counting of votes of three assembly constituencies of Sena, Bemetra, Navagad of the district will begin on 8th of December in the agriculture produce market premises at 11.00 am. For calculating the votes of each assembly constituency, 14-14 tables will be installed. To calculate the postal ballot, 2-2 tables will be installed. Collector and District Election Officer Shri Mahadev Kawre said that in each table, three officers will be deployed.

Which include calculation supervisor, calculation assistant and micro-charger. They will be ARO and Retiring Officer. The votes held in 14 EVM machines in one round will be calculated. The candidate will be able to observe the computation process. In the counting room, the photographer will be able to pass the nearest agent. The wall of the lattice between the calculation machine and the agent will be. They will be able to see through them.

Counting of votes will start from 8 o'clock in the morning. First postal ballots will be counted. After this, the votes will be calculated from the EVM machine. Mobile phones have been completely restricted at the counting place. This restriction will apply to both the officers and employees engaged in calculation work with the candidates of the candidates. Gutkha-Pan, Bidi, Machchis, Gudakhu, Pauch can not be taken along.

The collector took the information of all preparations issued at the counting place and gave instructions to the authorities to complete the work with speed. He instructed to ensure strict security of all the work, such as barricading, lighting, communication system, computer, computation of calculations (tabulation) for safety at the site.


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