Jashpur: Police Strike Again on Tribal Day, Pathholgari, dealing with stress situation

Jashpur: Police Strike Again on Tribal Day, Pathholgari, dealing with stress situation

The issue of Pathholgarh in Jashpur in Chhattisgarh, once again seems to catch the balance. On Thursday, on the tribal day of Jashpur, a stone has been rehabilitated. The issue of changing the political vote bank in the district is threatening to re-tension about Pathholgarh. In such a situation, a large number of police forces have been dispatched to Bachharaon for dealing with the situation of tension.

Pathalgadhi has been once again decorated in the village of Bechraon on World Tribal Day, where hundreds of tribal societies are mobilizing. Again, in the same style, the stone-clad supporters will perform a dance ceremony and present their solidarity with the worship of Pathholgari. In such a way, those who oppose the Pathaldhari are also likely to be there. In order to deal with the situation of any tension, the administration has sent a large number of police force to Bachharam.
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Significantly, about two months ago, the politics of Jashpur got a lot of power and strength for the ruling party in the fire of Pathargarh. At the same time, Pathaldhari supporters had to eat the prison air, after which they got bail also on the condition that they would not be involved in such acts. Even then, the work of giving indirect support and direction has been done by the high-level leaders, the result is that Pathhalgadi is ready to be re-prepared, but similar programs at the same venue are raising many questions on administration with tribal leaders including the Chief Minister. 


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