Petrifying Video! Tiger escapes from cage during circus in China, triggers panic

For most people, circus can actually be a lot of fun. It’s a part where we get to see the animals perform tricks. But sometimes it can go out of hands. And something similar happened during a circus show in a village in North China’s Shanxi province, where a tiger actually escaped from its cage.

The shocking footage of the incident shows the tiger leaving its enclosure followed by the chaos at the venue. There is widespread panic among the spectators as seen in the video, while running for cover in different directions. The incident left two children with minor injuries. The clip then shows audience members fleeing in different directions as the tiger launches itself towards the crowd. The footage also shows hundreds of onlookers gathered around the steel cage, pressing their faces close to the action as the tiger handler prods and pokes the big cat with a stick.



The accident happened in Linfen City’s Hongtong County in China’s northern Shanxi Province, where the circus had been invited to perform at a local temple fair. No punishment has been announced for the circus at this point. The incident comes just days after an elderly man nearly lost his hand trying to feed another caged circus tiger.


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