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Chief Minister meets tribal teenager of Gariaband suffering from incurable Progeria disease at the IG-SP conference

 Chief Minister meets tribal teenager of Gariaband suffering from incurable Progeria disease at the IG-SP conference

'Guard of Honour' accorded to Shailendra also, along with the Chief Minister

 Chief Minister feeds him sweets with his own hands, also poses for a photo sitting next to him

 Shri Baghel Introduces him to ministers and high officials, asks Gariaband SP to invite Shailendra to his office also

On getting information from the media about the life-struggle of a tribal teenager- Shailendra from Gariaband, who is suffering from incurable Progeria disease, Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel called him to Raipur today and met him during the IG-SP conference. He also invited Mr. Shailendra and his father for a meal with him.  Shailendra was also given a place in the 'Guard of Honor' given to the Chief Minister by the police force after the SP conference.

    On being asked by Chief Minister Mr. Baghel, Mr. Shailendra said that he is 16 years old and  a student of class 11th in High School, Rasela and wants to serve the country by becoming a Collector in future. Chief Minister introduced Shailendra to Shri Ravindra Choubey and Shri Tamradhwaj Sahu, two ministers present in the conference, and officers Chief Secretary Shri Amitabh Jain, Additional Chief Secretary Shri Subrata Sahoo, Director General of Police Shri D.M.  Awasthi and other senior police officers.  Introducing IG of Bastar division, Mr. P. Sundarraj, Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that he fights with Naxalites and while introducing IG Intelligence Mr. Anand Chhabra, Chief Minister said that he is the head of intelligence services.  During the discussion, Chief Minister asked Shailendra whether he likes thethri, khurmi or chocolate.  On Shailendra's choice, Chief Minister gave him lots of chocolates and also fed him sweets with his own hands. Mr. Baghel called Shailendra to the New Circuit House auditorium after the IG-SP conference was over and, sitting in the chair next to him, spoke to Shailendra very intimately. He inquired about his health from Shailendra. On being asked by the Chief Minister, when Shailendra told that he is a student of class XI, Chief Minister told the people present there to applaud him. Shailendra told that his father Mr. Banshilal Dhruv and mother Mrs. Ramkali Dhruv are engaged in agriculture. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel introduced Shailendra to Gariaband Superintendent of Police Mrs. Parul Mathur and asked Mrs. Mathur to invite him to the Superintendent of Police's office.


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