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Chhattisgarh's budget advancing the concept of justice: Mr. Bhupesh Baghel: The interest of all classes of people included in the new budget of Chhattisgarh

Chhattisgarh's budget advancing the concept of justice: Mr. Bhupesh Baghel: The interest of all classes of people included in the new budget of Chhattisgarh

People's development is our main objective

Provision of Rs. 5 thousand 703 crore in the new budget of Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyaya Yojana

New justice scheme linking landless laborers with regular income

24 thousand maternity sisters will get the benefit of Kaushalya Maternity Scheme

Payment of 90 crores to beneficiaries under Godhan Nyaya Yojana

Provision of Rs 175 crores in the budget for the Gothan scheme

Self-help groups earned about 950 crore rupees from the production and sale of vermicomposting, construction of cow dung, etc.

Target of interest free loan disbursement of 5 thousand 900 crores to farmers

Everyone has to take safety measures to get rid of corona with utmost seriousness

Provision of Rs 2500 crore for subsidized and free electricity to farmers

Provision of about Rs 350 crore for providing electricity connection to 35 thousand pending irrigation pumps

Steps will be taken for the welfare of traditional workers through Telghani Development Board, Leather Craftsman Development Board, Iron Craftsman Development Board and Rajakkar Development Board


Raipur, 11 April 2021

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel said in the 17th episode of Lokvani that the budget of Chhattisgarh is going to advance the concept of justice. In this, the lessons of the Corona period have been emphasized on the empowerment of local people with global humanity and local resources.

    Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, while answering questions from the audience on the subject of 'Naya Budget-Naya Lakshya', said that the budget has been presented in Chhattisgarh this year keeping in mind the interests of all sections of the people.
    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that the objective of the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana is to empower the farmer brothers who take different crops in the state in one way or the other. In the first year we paid paddy at the rate of Rs 2500 per quintal. In the second year, the support price was paid as per the rule of purchase on the support price and through the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana, about 19 lakh farmers who took crops like paddy, maize, sugarcane etc. were paid 5 thousand 628 crore. This year, we have purchased 92 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from 20 lakh 53 thousand farmers, which is the biggest record for paddy purchase in the history of the state. This year too, we have kept a budget provision of Rs. 5 thousand 703 crore to provide cash assistance to farmers under the Rajiv Gandhi Kisan Nyay Yojana.
    Apart from this, a budget provision of Rs 150 crore has been made in 7 tribal-dominated districts and 14 development blocks of Mungeli district to improve nutritional security and economic condition of farmers. To give loans to farmers without interest, the biggest goal in history has been to disburse loan of Rs 5 thousand 900 crore, for which budget provision has been made. A provision of Rs. 2 thousand 500 crore has been made to provide subsidized and free electricity to the farmers. At the same time, about 1000 crores will be spent on the energization of irrigation pumps. If there is a provision of Rs 530 crore for solar pumps, then the work of providing about 35 thousand pending irrigation pump connections will also be completed, which will cost about 350 crore rupees. 495 crores will be spent on grant-in-aid for development of horticulture crops. The money that is being put in the pockets of the farmers, they should be engaged in their education, health, self-reliance and prosperity. In this way, our government is committed to increase the income of farmers and make agriculture profitable.

New justice scheme linking landless laborers with regular income

    Chief Minister Mr. Baghel further said that the objective of the new Nyaya Yojana is to ensure regular income to the landless laborers to help the rural agricultural landless laborers. We have associated justice with the income of the needy, because a person's life can be transformed only by getting a fixed income. The Chief Minister said that the work of purchasing cow dung at the rate of Rs. 2 per kg will continue under the Godhan Nyaya Yojana. Though we have paid about 90 crores on behalf of the state government on the purchase of cow dung, but I am happy to say that through Gowthan self-help groups, about 950 from the production and sale of vermicompost, construction of cow dung, etc. Received an income of Rs. Crore. Although it is our effort that the development of Swavalambi Gouthans is rapid, but a provision of Rs 175 crore has been made in the budget for the Gauthan scheme, so that the activities of the Gouthans will continue to be conducted better.

Chief Minister pays tribute to martyred soldiers in Naxalite violence in Bijapur

        Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel while paying tribute to the soldiers martyred in the Naxalite violence in Bijapur said that this incident is very unfortunate. The CRPF and our state police force have been casualties in this incident. I pay my respectful reverence to the brave soldiers who have been martyred on my behalf and on behalf of 2 crore 80 lakh people of the state. Our security forces fought the Naxalites with great bravery and gained heroic momentum. It is our resolve that the sacrifice of these immortal martyrs will not go in vain. The decisive campaign will be continued with the help of the Government of India to liberate Chhattisgarh from Naxalism. I appeal to all of you to participate in the grief of the families of our brave soldiers who were martyred in Naxalite violence. The state government has taken financial assistance of 80 lakh rupees to the families of each martyr and to provide jobs to their dependents. This duty is a small effort for subsistence. We believe in Mahatma Gandhi's path of truth, non-violence and satyagraha. The democrats believe in values, principles and methods. I appeal to all of you for your support and support in the fight against Naxalite violence.

Need for restraint, endurance, caution and strict security measures to deal with global epidemic

The Chief Minister said that with respect to the rising outbreak of Corona or Kovid-19 second wave in the country and the world, I believe that to deal with this global epidemic, we need great restraint, endurance, caution and strict security measures. All the arrangements have been made by the state government to run the investigation, treatment, vaccination and awareness campaign to counter the situation. By taking precautions, not only the person but also his family and many people who come in contact with him become a victim of corona infection. So I appeal to all of you to stay at home as much as possible. Provide support in the way in which efforts are being made by the district administration in different districts. According to eligibility, do not confuse any kind of vaccination. Be absolutely clear that vaccination is a safe measure and everyone must compulsorily get vaccinated according to eligibility. Those who have taken the first dose, take care of the second dose and in any case do not disregard the second dose. Vaccination reduces the intensity and damage of infection, but to remain healthy, keep the safety measures in place even after applying the vaccine. Masking, washing hands frequently with soap-water, cleaning hands with sanitizer, using vitamin-C, vitamin-D, zinc, gargling hot water, steaming in consultation with doctors to enhance your personal immunity Etc. Keep taking measures. Avoid going into the crowd, that is, follow the physical distancing rules. Lockdown proceedings are being carried out by the district administration in their respective districts after consultation with prominent people, experts from various societies and organizations. Whatever measures are being taken by the district administration according to local conditions, they are all for your safety. Take all these measures with full sincerity. In the past, you have seen that your cooperation and adoption of security measures had reduced the corona transition to a great extent. Together, if we all take safety measures with utmost seriousness, then we can get rid of the corona again. This is not the time to spread panic or misinformation by any means, but to serve humanity wisely. You can do this work better by taking care of yourself. I am sure that you will get full support.
        In Lokvani, many listeners described the provisions made in the new budget as very important. The audience witnessed Chief Minister Dharsa Yojana, 11 new tehsils, 5 SDM offices, 3 new medical colleges, 6 new colleges and formation of a special police force in all districts of Bastar division in the name of Bastar Tiger, recruitment of women and guards in hostel ashrams, Thanked the Chief Minister for the provisions of increasing the honorarium of sanitation laborers to 6000, giving agriculture status to fisheries. Bulaki Verma of Raipur said that ever since your government has been formed in the state, since then we have become worrying farmers and our family members. Even in the times of economic recession and Corona crisis, the way we gave financial assistance to farmers was a matter of great courage, thank you for this.
    The process of getting the rights of traditional forest dwellers including tribal society started

        The Chief Minister said that the biggest need for change in Bastar was to return the self-respect of the people there and get self-reliance. Had to understand the life of tribal society. Despite all the resources around them, they were not getting the benefit of it. Which we started Till two years ago, only 7 small forest produce were purchased at the support price. We increased it to 52. Tendupatta collection was said to be the main source of their income. But till the year 2018, only Rs 2500 Wages were paid per standard bag. We increased it to 4 thousand per standard bag as soon as we arrived. Very large populations were denied very basic rights, rejecting claims of forest rights on a large scale. We reviewed the canceled claims and leased forest rights on a very large scale. In this way, the process of not only the tribal society but also the traditional forest dwellers getting their rights started. Like in forests, we also promoted traditional employment opportunities in rural areas. We have created a structure in two years, which will provide immediate assistance to the economically weaker sections including Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs. Get cash in their pocket, which will increase their self-esteem with their purchasing power. Also develop entrepreneurship within them. In our state, there is a practice of making very good items from different types of food grains, forest produce and hand art. In the form of traditional knowledge, these things are still in the public mind, to increase it, we have taken some new decisions.

Provision for establishment of rural industrial park in new budget

    Going a step further along the lines of Pauni-Pasari scheme in urban areas, provision has been made in the new budget to set up rural industrial park in rural areas. Local agricultural products of Chhattisgarh like dheki ka kutta rice, edible oil extracted from Ghani, Kodo, Kutki, all kinds of pulses crops from maize, variety of forest produce like tamarind, mahua, harra, bahera, amla, honey and phuljhadu etc. and forest produce Manufactured products and all materials such as terracotta, bellmetal, bamboo crafts, leather crafts, iron crafts, Cosa silk and Chhattisgarhi cuisine will be provided for marketing under one roof. For this, a C-Mart store will be established in the state and outside the state, which will be famous as a unique Chhattisgarhi brand. Arrangements will also be made to provide higher dividends to local producers through the scheme.

Chhattisgarh is the first state to purchase small forest produce at minimum support price.
    The Chief Minister said that during the current season, 4 lakh 74 thousand quintal small forest produce has been collected at a minimum support price of Rs 112 crore. According to the data released by TRIFED New Delhi, Chhattisgarh ranks first among states for purchasing minor forest produce at minimum support price. In the new budget, we have announced that Kodo, Kutki and Ragi will be acquired in the scheduled areas of the state like other minor forest produce at the minimum support price. Apart from this, 'Shaheed Mahendra Karma Tendupatta Collector Social Security Scheme' has been started to provide protection to 12 lakh 50 thousand Tendupatta collector families in the event of accidental death or accident. In the budget of 2021-22, a provision of 13 crores has been made for this. A provision of 359 crore has been made for special centrally assisted local development programs and 170 crore for development of basic amenities in tribal areas.

Fisheries and lac farming received agricultural status in Chhattisgarh

    The Chief Minister said in Lokvani that by giving equal status to agriculture to fisheries and lac farming, lakhs of people working in this field will get support. Due to the status of agriculture, they can get interest-free loans and benefits of various schemes. We have used 95 per cent of the available water areas in the state to provide better income to more than 2 lakh fishermen families. Apart from traditional fishermen, new people and youth can now make their future by joining this work. Steps will be taken for the welfare of traditional workers through Telghani Development Board, Leather Craftsman Development Board, Iron Craftsman Development Board and Rajakkar Development Board.
    In a recorded message for Lokvani, the Chairperson of the State Women's Commission, Mrs. Kiranmayi Nayak said that you have taken many decisions, one after the other, which have helped women to run their homes and also have financial strength. In the Chief Minister's Nutrition Campaign, women's health was taken care of. Regularized education workers in 2 years. From 30 percent reservation in government jobs to half the electricity bill schemes, women have got a lot of help. In the new budget, you have taken a new initiative for financial assistance of Rs. 5000 through Kaushalya Yojana on having a second child daughter. Dr. Mahesh Sinha, President of Indian Medical Association, Chhattisgarh, appreciated the plans to take health services to remote areas. Educationist Dr. Jawahar Suri Setty described the plan to start English Medium School as a good initiative.

24 thousand maternity sisters will get the benefit of Kaushalya Maternity Scheme

Giving information about the Kaushalya Maternity Scheme, the Chief Minister said that all the eligible beneficiaries in the social and economic census will get the benefit of this scheme. We have seen that if the first child is a son and daughter, then there is a plan for that. But there was no such plan to encourage the birth of daughters when the second child was a daughter. So we made a plan in the name of Mata Kaushalya. The scheme was named after Chhattisgarh commemorating the unbreakable relationship between Lord Rama and Mata Kaushalya. About 24 thousand maternity sisters will benefit from this scheme in about a year.

In Kanker, Korba and Mahasamund, new medical colleges and Chandulal Chandrakar Medical College fort will be governed.

    The Chief Minister said that our entire emphasis is on upgrading health centers in urban and rural areas. There is development of modern facilities. We are bringing 4 medical colleges in the government sector. If three medical colleges are to be opened in Kanker, Korba and Mahasamund, then Chandulal Chandrakar Medical College Durg will be governmentized. Provision for 100 beds in Ramanujganj, 50 beds in Nava Raipur, opening of 30-bed hospitals in Village Sanna (District-Jashpur), Shivrinarayan (District Janjgir-Champa) Risali (District Durg) and construction of 37 health centers. has gone. Apart from this, through the Chief Minister Haat-Bazar Clinic Scheme, Chief Minister Urban Slum Health Scheme, Dai-Didi Mobile Clinic Scheme, Humar Lab Yojana, we are providing medical services to the people. He said that I am happy that academicians are closely watching our efforts to improve the quality of education and expand facilities.

Through water-life mission, 45 lakh 48 thousand rural houses will be given tap connections

        The Chief Minister said that we do not believe in decorative and showy infrastructures, but believe in removing the lack of a facility-less zone as soon as possible. We have kept budget provision for Jawahar Setu Yojana, Mukhyamantri Gram Sadak Yojana, Mukhyamantri Dharsa Vikas Yojana as well as development of Ram Van Gamin Circuit, River Bank Plantation, Vivekananda Gurukul Upgradation Scheme, Road Safety Construction Scheme etc. Adequate provision has been made for mining of tubewells in Gowthan through Jal-Jeevan Mission through 45 lakh 48 thousand rural houses, water augmentation scheme in urban areas, Minimata Amritdhara Nal Yojana. A target has been set to double irrigation capacity in 5 years. Sufficient provision has been made for the development of new industrial areas, SCADA scheme, urban electrification scheme, Chief Minister Mazra Tola electrification scheme. He said that the basic infrastructure like roads, electricity and water should be available to the residents of every region in the state at the earliest. Many steps are being taken for the development of information technology infrastructure, online services in the state. Budget provision has also been made for these. I would like our youth to prepare themselves through education and training. We are working hard to open all the avenues for your employment and self-employment. In this, a strategy is also being adopted to seek the cooperation of local industries. Chief Minister Mr. Baghel said that
We have also made adequate budget provision for the schemes we have mentioned. The administration and administration are paying full attention to the implementation of these schemes. People's development is our main objective.


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