Police searching for 15 Nigerians living in Bhopal for 2 years on fake visas

Police searching for 15 Nigerians living in Bhopal for 2 years on fake visas

An FIR was lodged against 15 Nigerians at the Kohefija police station after an investigation by the Special Branch of the Bhopal Police. Residency permit created on the basis of fake visa.


Bhopal. Madhya Pradesh Police is looking for 15 such Nigerian students living in Bhopal, who had camped here for 2 years on the basis of fake visas. The accused had obtained a residence permit on the basis of fake visas. Police has registered an FIR against these Nigerian students. This case is related to Kohefija police station area. Because the special branch comes in this area. An FIR has been registered against these foreign people at the Kohefija police station.

CSP Nagendra Pateria said that the special branch had complained about this case. The branch has already investigated the entire case at its level, after which the police have started searching for 15 Nigerian students by registering cases under sections of cheating, passport act and others. Pateria said that 15 Nigerian students accused had come to Bhopal from 26 June 2018 to 2019 on residency visas. Students took admission in a private university here. Nagendra Pateria told that till now the investigation revealed that two Nigerians are not in India, the rest are still in the country. These are now being discovered.

Police raising questions

The students' documents were examined on the input received by the Special Branch. During investigation, it was found that all these students had reached Bhopal on fake visa on visa ID issued to another person. The students cheated the police by pasting their photo on fake ID number. In its investigation, the District Special Branch has found the documents of the students to be fake. Now the question is arising that when the accused came 2 years ago, how did it take such a long time to check their documents. Apart from this, there is also a question that at the local level, the police collects information from such foreign people and verifies them, so why was the verification of these 15 students delayed.


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