Two girls in troubled waters: MP girls get trapped after selfie attempt in river goes awry

Two girls in troubled waters: MP girls get trapped after selfie attempt in river goes awry

A life threatening incident was averted in Madhya Pradesh's Chhindwara district, after two girls who had ventured in Pench River for a selfie got trapped. The girls were rescued by the authorities after performing a dangerous rescue operation.

The incident took place on Thursday in Chhindwara's Belkhedi village, where a group of friends had gone for a picnic, despite the COVID-19 restrictions. Two of them decided to take a selfie on a rock, in the middle of the river and got trapped when the flow of the water intensified. Their friend reportedly informed the local police and the Panchayat. The girls were rescued safely.


report quoted a police official saying, "A few girls came to this mountain river Pench, out of which 2 of them went inside to take a selfie. During that time because of rains, the river flow suddenly increased. They stood there for around 1 hour and showed courage. As soon as we were informed, we rescued them. Everyone is safe. They have been sent to a hospital as they were scared."

The videos of the incident were shared on Twitter and here's how Tweeple reacted:

A user wrote, "This s**t happens every damn year, these selfie crazy people have no brains risking their as well as lives of others for the sake of fake social media appreciation. Mama Ji @ChouhanShivraj should take some strict action against these to set an example.


Another commented, "What - people please be careful when you are taking a selfie Selfie- you don’t have to go to such extremes for a selfie and please don’t put other lives on risk."


"Stupid braindead folks. Just sheer luck that they are saved by the authorities for this moronic act," read a comment.


Here are a few reactions:



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