India has always been the best : by Safa Mariyam when it comes to care and help for fellow brothers and sisters

India has always been the best : by Safa Mariyam when it comes to care and help for fellow brothers and sisters

The real example is this Covid-19 epidemic, when laborers were living in cities without work and many Bollywood stars came out to help them. Many businessmen and celebrities donated crores to the PM Care Fund. Not only big business tycoons and celebrities, ordinary people also donated to this real cause. I have seen many screenshots of the students' contribution, Rs. 1000, Rs.500, Rs.100, Rs.10 or even Rs.1 to PM Care Funds.
There are many helping spirits distributing food packets to the migrants, who had no support to eat as all the hotels were closed due to lock-down. Ration and daily house hold food items were distributed in the surrounding areas. People distributed masks, sanitizers and water bottles to policemen, sweepers and other daily warriors. Many journalists are working to reach out to those who really need help.
Social media is playing an important role to connect donors to the needy, but what about seniors who are not using social media and their carer takers ‘ are stuck in cities because of their jobs and they have no one for medicinal help.

Speaking to  HidustanTimes , SA Rizvi said, "Many journalists and social activists are very inspired by C. Indumati (DM Sultanpur), who despite being the mother of two young children, constantly visits quarantine centres  and hospitals to keep a constant watch on corona patients and suspects" she has been working for 16 hours with SP Sultanpur.
Speaking to The News India , SA Rizvi said, "Everybody is getting food and water but if we talk about medicine, people are far from it. That is why we have decided to give medicine to every sick of Sultanpur and Amethi districts
SA Rizvi came out as a light in the dark with Anil Dwivedi, Shashi Singh, Pappu Dubey, Qamar Haider, Anoop Dubey and Vijay Srivastava of Sultanpur.
They have created several WhatsApp groups, through which they ask for the drug subscriptions and deliver the medicine to their door steps to make life easier for the helpless sick seniors.

In this difficult time, all of us should do such acts and  take care that the people around us do not have any problem and all of us should pray for the betterment of World.




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