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Raipur: Dewangan society to work on designer clothes, government will provide market

Raipur: Dewangan society to work on designer clothes, government will provide market

Chief Minister attended the Parmeshwari festival

Chief Minister Mr. Bhupesh Baghel has said that our whip is famous all over the world. Dewangan society has hard work behind it. Along with this, people of the society engaged in textile business should also turn to designer clothes so that they can get the benefit of wide market. The government will help in the direction of market availability. He was addressing the Parmeshwari Festival in Patan today.
 The Chief Minister said that I just went to Dantewada. There I saw the work of women in self-help groups. She is designing the fabric and also shipping it to Bangalore and Chennai. Its good market has become in these cities. Our traditional textile skills are superb. In this, if the designs are designed according to the new age textile experiments, then there will be huge economic possibilities. He said that there is a specific demand for Chhattisgarh products in the market. Not only in the country, but also abroad. In order to expand their business prospects, we had organized a sellers-buyers program in Raipur, in which 48 companies from 16 countries participated. There is a huge demand for Kodo, Kutki and Sanwa in Chhattisgarh abroad. These products are very useful in the health sector. Similarly, there is a lot of interest of the international market in the clothes of Chhattisgarh. Now the time has come to give a big platform to your talent. Governance is committed to your full cooperation.
On this occasion, the Chief Minister said that due to the recent inclement weather, there was some inconvenience in selling paddy to the farmers, the decision to extend the procurement by one week was also taken by the government. He said that the balance of the paddy purchase in the farmers' account will also be paid soon. He said that farmers' satisfaction and happiness is the top priority of the government. Decisions are taken by the government only in view of their interests.


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