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Raipur: State Level Assessment Examination started to bring quality in education

Raipur: State Level Assessment Examination started to bring quality in education

In order to provide quality education to school children, the State Level Assessment Examination has been started by the School Education Department of the State Government. The examination, which started from 9 December last, will run till 14 December. Munadis are also being made in rural areas by the department to include school children in the examination. Several efforts are being made by the Education Department to bring awareness to the education of parents and students. The methods of teaching and learning of children have also been made attractive and interesting. Children and parents are also being made aware through Munadi to appear in the assessment test.

Education Department officials said that to ensure quality education in the state and to teach and assess children in classrooms in an interesting way, state-level assessment of children from class I to VIII is being taken, in which the state Summative assessment is being done in all government schools from 9-14 December. The special attraction of assessment this time is that the people of the village are motivating the children to go to school for assessment so that the children can get good quality education. The feedback from the state level assessment was taken from teachers and students. They too have described it as the best step towards quality education. In the state level assessment, the papers of class I and II have been made colorful, attractive and illustrative, which the children are very happy to solve.


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