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Thanks to the Governor, now BJP MP should also write a letter to PM Modi- CM Bhupesh Baghel

Thanks to the Governor, now BJP MP should also write a letter to PM Modi- CM Bhupesh Baghel

Raipur. This is the first Diwali of the Congress government of the state. In such a situation, CM Bhupesh Baghel reached PCC President Mohan Markam and Rajiv Bhavan with the ministers. Where in the press conference held, he has again met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the issue of paddy procurement and said about the condition of farmers. At the same time, he has also appealed to the BJP MPs and leaders of the state to write a letter to PM Modi on this issue.

Bhupesh Baghel said, Deepawali this time is different. We won the Dantewada and Chitrakote by-elections. In Dantewada, after 11 years, he won by 11 thousand votes. Record was also made in Chitrakote. After 12 years in Bastar, one party has got 12 seats. Congratulations to the people of Bastar for this, who put a stamp on our work. We paid attention to trust, development and security. In Bastar, we started development from Lohandiguda. We made changes in the amount of DMF of Bastar that used to be monkey.

CM further said, we considered the person as a unit. There is a widespread impact of malnutrition in the state. That is why we have launched a campaign of a well-educated Cg. If we want to make strong Cg then women and children will have to be strengthened. The crop is good in Cg. Paddy will be purchased from November 15. Its preparation is complete. In this case, he had written a letter to the Prime Minister in the seventh month and met Paswan (Union Food Minister) only in the 9th month. We requested to purchase paddy from the center. For two years, the Center had relaxed the rule. This year too, we requested to relax the rules. The center did not give permission. Will thank the governor. I told him yesterday that you also write a letter to the Prime Minister and today he has written a letter to the Prime Minister. I want to thank them. I will try to meet the Prime Minister again and deal with the condition of the farmers. I appeal to BJP leaders and MPs to write letters to the Prime Minister.


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