What is the month of Moharram, and who was Imam Hussain

What is the month of Moharram, and who was Imam Hussain

What is moharram
'Moharram' is the name of the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is from this month that the new year of Islam begins. The 10th of this month is called Day of Ashura, this day is called Moharram in the English calendar.

Why is Moharram celebrated
In the month of Moharram, Imam Hussain, the younger Nawase of Hazrat Muhammad Sahab, the founder of the religion of Islam, and his 72 followers were slaughtered. Hazrat Hussain was martyred while fighting Yazid's army in Iraq's city of Karbala.

Imam Hussain was the reason for Yitid from Naitifaki
In Islam, only one God has been asked to pray. Things like deception, lies, manipulation, gambling, alcoholism are forbidden in Islam. Hazrat Mohammed followed these instructions and instructed all Muslims and their families to follow these Islamic principles.

On the other hand, from where Islam emerged, there was a period of a ruler named Mu'awiya in 'Sham', some distance from Madina. After the death of Mu'awiya, Yazid as the royal heir, in which all the demerits were present, he sat on the throne of the evening.

Yajid wanted Imam Hussain to confirm his sitting on the throne as he is a member of Mohammad and he has a good influence on the people there.

The house of Hazrat Mohammed refused to accept a person like Yazid as the Islamic ruler because Islamic values ​​were of no value to Yazid. Along with Yajid's refusal to obey, he also decided that he would now leave his maternal grandfather Hazrat Mohammad Saheb's city of Medina so that peace would remain there.

The battle was decided in this situation
Imam Hussain was leaving Medina forever with family and some loved ones heading to Iraq. But Yajid's army surrounded his convoy near Karbala. Yajid placed conditions before him which Imam Hussain flatly refused to accept. In lieu of not accepting the condition, Yajid spoke of war.

While talking to Yazid, Imam Hussein stayed in the path of Iraq with his convoy by putting a tent on the banks of the river Furat. But the Yazidi army ordered the tents of Imam Hussain to be removed from the banks of the river Furat and did not even allow them to take water from the river.

This is how the war started
The Imam did not intend to fight because his convoy consisted of only 72 people. In which the six-month-old son included his sister-daughters, wife and small children. The date was a stampede, and it was summer time. It may be noted that even today in Iraq (May), the normal daytime temperatures in summer are more than 50 degrees. By seven moharram, the amount of food and water that Imam Hussain had, was over.

Imam kept on working with patience, avoiding the war. From 7 to 10 Muharram, Imam Hussain was a member of his family and a hungry thirsty person.

10 The person who went to Muharram one by one towards Imam Hussain, fought with Yazid's army. When all the companions of Imam Hussain were killed, then after the prayer of Asr (noon), Imam Hussain himself went and he was also killed. In this battle, one son of Imam Hussain, Zainulabedin survived because he was ill on 10 Moharram and later he was succeeded by Muhammed Saheb.

Moharram is celebrated in memory of this sacrifice. This incident of Karbala is a sacrifice made by the house of Hazrat Mohammad for the protection of Islam. After killing Imam Hussain and his male companions and family members, Yajid ordered the arrest of the women of Hazrat Imam Hussain's family.

After Imam Hussain's death
Yazid, describing himself as the victor, told those watching Hussain's robbed convoy that this fate was done against those who went against Yajid's rule. Yajid committed extreme crimes against the women of Muhammed's house. They kept him in the prison where Husain's innocent child Sakina died in the (Syria) prison.

However, more than 1400 years have passed since this incident. In Katl-e-Hussain Asl is Marg-e-Yazid. Islam is alive after every Tomb.


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