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Raipur: Changing the situation of villages will have to be done on many measures simultaneously: Chief Minister Mr. Baghel: One thousand Narva of the state will be revived.

Raipur: Changing the situation of villages will have to be done on many measures simultaneously: Chief Minister Mr. Baghel: One thousand Narva of the state will be revived.

Chief Minister answers the questions of the people in the first radio talk Lokvani

Chief Minister Shri Bhupesh Baghel today interacted with the people of the state through his first radio talk Lokvani. In this radio talk, he informed about the efforts and work being done by the government to change the condition and direction of the rural economy. The Chief Minister explained in detail the ambitious Suraji village scheme launched to make rural life happy. Answer to the questions asked in the first episode on the subject of agriculture and rural development. People bought paddy for Rs. 2500 for historical decisions taken by the Chief Minister; Tendu patta collection rate is Rs. 4 thousand standard sack, as well as traditional holiday of Chhattisgarh for public holiday on Hareli, Teja, Mata Karma Jayanti, Chhath Puja and World Tribal Day Also congratulated.

The Chief Minister said that farming is the basis of the state's economy. The farmers get a good price for their produce, then that money comes to the markets from village to city. If farming goes on, the wheels of the factory also move. Therefore, we have adopted a strategy to enrich the farmers and through them villages. We paid Rs 2500 Decided to buy paddy, loan waiver, irrigation tax waiver and one time settlement in Quintal, so that farmers can get back their lost honor as soon as possible.
        One or two measures to change the condition of villages will not work. There should be improvement in farming land, increase in income from livestock route in the village, food processing units should be set up, value addition to the produce of the villages should be done in the villages. Permanent water arrangements for irrigation and disposal should be made. While working we have decided to develop 'Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari' institutionally.

One thousand Narva of the state will be revived

      The Chief Minister said that with the help of science and technology, we have planned to revive 1000 Narva of the state. To save rainwater, small and big water structures will be built. There are 20 thousand rivulets and 285 rivers in Chhattisgarh. 85 is a perennial river. Despite this, the area under irrigation is only 31 percent. We are not able to save rain water. Our tubewells are not being recharged due to lack of water management. If there is a continuous flow of water in Narva, then the water level will remain in the tube well. 44 percent of the state's area is forested, so they will build water structures that do not violate the environment or the Forest Act. With this, there will be adequate availability of water not only for farming but also for drinking water and industries. This will also improve the environment.

Farming will reduce the cost of farming, will increase the means of livelihood

The Chief Minister said that 2000 villages have been identified for the construction of Gothan. 900 Gothans have been released. We will not have to undertake the costly exercise of enclosing 1000 acres of cropped land to avoid grazing by encircling 5 acres of land with fodder, water system for Gothan. People avoid grazing, fencing the fields increases agricultural costs. Fearing crop grazing, farmers in Chhattisgarh have quit taking Utera crops after paddy. To prevent this, we decided to revive the Gothans of the villages. Gauthan Samiti will have income from the manufacture of cow dung, vermicompost, ubtaan, incense sticks, various medicines from cow urine etc. The side effects of chemical fertilizers and medicines in grains can be overcome by organic farming. Demand for operation of Narva, Garwa, Ghurwa, Bari scheme is continuously coming. In cities, Gothans will be operated to get rid of the problems of leaving cattle in the open.
Under no circumstances should farmers think of themselves as weak

    On the question of weak monsoon, the Chief Minister said that farmers should not think of themselves weak under any circumstances, nor should they lose courage. Seeds of varieties that ripen for less time and less water have been provided in areas with less rainfall or block rain. Farmers have been asked to scrutinize well before August 15 to get the benefit of 'Crop Insurance Scheme' so that no farmer is left out, everyone's premium goes at the right time. The Chief Minister said that more than 8 lakh quintals of seeds and 7 lakh metric tons of fertilizer have been distributed to farmers in the Kharif season through cooperative societies and other institutions. The Chief Minister said that now every year in Chhattisgarh, we will give you Rs. 2500. Will buy in Quintal itself. Now no power can overtake us with this decision. Whatever rate we get from the central government, we will keep our promise.

Completed work of 280 power sub-stations in 6 months

    There is plenty of power availability in the state. We have done unprecedented work in 6 months to improve power supply. It was decided to expedite the construction of 316 new sub-stations, of which 280 sub-stations have been completed under various schemes. Work has been done to install 210 new transformers in old sub-stations and to increase capacity. Such arrangements have been made to provide electricity to Chhattisgarh in Surguja and to solve the connectivity problem in Gariaband, which has been waiting for years. Our government has continued the scheme of providing free electricity to the farmers, whose benefit is being provided to 5 lakh farmers. Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe farmers are exempted from electricity bill on entire consumption.


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