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Raipur: Provide electricity connection immediately on demand of farmers: Shri TS Singhdev

Raipur: Provide electricity connection immediately on demand of farmers: Shri TS Singhdev

Revenue and Agriculture Department should jointly do Girdawari

Gauthan will be built in cities like villages

Government hospitals will also submit insurance claims

Services of private doctors will be taken in government hospitals

Appreciation of District Administration for Cash Sangwari Scheme

Minister in charge took marathon meeting of officials in district office


Health and Family Welfare and Panchayat and Rural Development Minister and in-charge Minister of the district Shri TS Singhdev have given instructions to provide immediate power connections to farmers pending irrigation pumps in view of the short-term situation. Due to relatively low rainfall, the work of cultivation and cultivation of the district has not been completed in time. He said that rivers flow through a large part of the district. Farmers on their banks should be given more and more temporary pump connections so that they can speed up the work of farming and farming. Mr. Singhdev was reviewing the progress in schemes and programs by taking a marathon meeting of officers in the meeting hall of the district office for the first time today after becoming the minister in-charge of Balodabazar Bhatapara district. He has asked for immediate replacement of poor transformer immediately after supplying sustained power to the farming work. In the meeting, MLA Biligadh Mr. Chandradev Rai, MLA Kasdol Ms. Shakuntala Sahu, MLA Bhatapara Mr. Shivratan Sharma, MLA Balodabazar Mr. Pramod Sharma, MLA Bilaspur Mr. Shailesh Pandey, District Panchayat President Mrs. Poonam Markandeya along with Collector Mr. Karthikeya Goel, SP Ms. Neetu Kamal and District Ms. Neetu 

Kamal Senior level officers were present.

Revenue and Agriculture Department will jointly invest in Girdavari
The Minister in charge said that information about the actual condition of the crops and crops should be recorded. For this, the Patwaris of Revenue Department have been instructed to do Girdawari in collaboration with RAEO of Agriculture Department. He gave strict instructions that the officers should not sit at the table and survey the crops. Farmers can be harmed by this. He has asked every deputy collector to be authorized to supervise the Girdawari work. Local public representatives and villagers should be taken in confidence and informed about the entire process. Deputy Director of Agriculture Department said that this year only 65 percent of the rain has occurred since last 10 years. The works of Ropa-Biasi and Nindai are not being done. Minister Shri Sinhadev himself has come back from Sinodha and has visited the fields to observe the crops.

Make sure to send the amount of insurance premium to the company

The minister said that there has not been enough rain so far this year. The farmer is worried about the crop. He probably has done a lot of insurance this time. Experience says that in some cases the amount of insurance premium goes into the company's account is missed. He said that before August 15, it should be thoroughly researched that the company should not be missed in getting the premium of a single farmer. Apart from this, fill the form with more vigilance based on the experience of the previous year. Officers should see themselves, only the third tier employees should not rely on the operator. He instructed to take drastic action even after such instruction. He stressed that the government will adopt a policy of zero tolerance in the matter of farmers. Farmers who are victims of the negligence of officials and banks and insurance companies should not suffer.

Gauthan will be built in cities like village

The Minister in charge said that villages like villages will also be built in the cities. For this, mark the urban body space. The state government has taken a theoretical decision to make soups in cities too. They were told that nine Narwas of the district have been selected for improvement. He said that the activities of women groups will increase with the creation of organic manure in Gothanas. This manure will be purchased by the Forest and Horticulture Department for use in their nurseries. He praised the district administration for the better under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. It is noteworthy that PMAY has secured 4th and 6th position in the state level and national performance index respectively. Officials under MNREGA said that there is no problem in payment of wages. But the material payment is pending from November 2018.

Poor and rich everyone will get ration cards

     The Minister in charge said that even if a consumer has not linked his ration card to the Aadhar card, he will not be denied food grain scheme. He said that the work of renewal of old ration card is being done at present. After this, new ration cards will be made for those who were left out. The minister said that the state government has now decided to provide foodgrain to all. There will be no distinction between rich and poor. Collector, SP, MLA and Minister will all be made cards. They will be provided with 35 kg of ration of rupees 10 per kg.

Government hospitals should also submit insurance claims

The Health Minister expressed displeasure over the government hospitals not claiming claims from the insurance company under the Ayushman Scheme. He said that insurance claims are not being offered only in Balaudabazar not in the entire state. Even if the company rejects the claim, the 100% claim must be submitted. He said that his money is being unnecessarily put into the company's account. He said that there is a shortage of specialist doctors all over the country. If doctors are willing to serve in the private sector at the district headquarters or elsewhere, then services should be taken by giving honorarium. It will be provided under the DMF item. He also inquired about cases of removal of the uterus. CMHO said that 11 uterine cells have been extracted by private hospitals for various reasons in different districts. Minister of each episode



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