1.40 million youth in the Internet, the camps designed to relieve addiction

1.40 million youth in the Internet, the camps designed to relieve addiction

South Korea is the world's fastest in terms of internet speed. Everyone has a smartphone and internet facility here. But this addiction of the Internet is making the youth mentally and physically ill. According to a report, in order to get rid of this addiction, many such centers have been opened in the country, where the youth are being told about its adverse effects. Special programs have also been started in schools for this.

According to the previous figures from the South Korea Government, more than one lakh 40 thousand youths are in the grip of internet. According to the National Health Service (NHS), some addiction occurs when the person does not have control over himself. Often, staying connected to the Internet makes people sick and mentally ill. He starts getting irritable and changes in the behavior of that person.


This condition of youth due to the Internet

Millions of young people are going through mental and physical phase due to internet addiction in Korea. A large number of young camps are going to get rid of this. In the camps how to make the youth from the online world, its technique is being taught. According to 17-year-old Havo, who had been relieved of his addiction on the camp of Muju city, it was a bad addiction to watch YouTube. I spent 18-18 hours on YouTube. Because of this I often became irritable and stressed. This was also affecting my studies.

This camp has so far saved 1200 youths.

The hawks said that he planned to go camp to get rid of this addiction. More than 1,200 youth have come here to rescue their addiction from 2014 in this camp. Here are the strict rules. There is no permission to bring any electronic goods with the phone in the camp.

Counseling is done to people

Camp Yong-Chul Shim, manager of the camp said that there are various types of activities done to the youth here. So that their internet programs are shown live live. Apart from this, people are counseled, openly speaking about their problems. Sheem said that there is an attempt to give young people other options in place of the internet and social media.


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