Priyanka is doing 5 percent of UP politics: Rita Bahuguna

Priyanka is doing 5 percent of UP politics: Rita Bahuguna

Prayag In Uttar Pradesh, the Congress minister and Priyagraj, the Bharatiya Janata Party's candidate, Rita Bahuguna Joshi, believes that there is no point in Congress and Priyanka in UP. These people are doing politics of just 5 percent votes here. This time they are going to get this election.

Rita said, "The candidates who are contesting our election are from all of them. But the Prime Minister Narendra Modi's craze in the public is so much that it is difficult for someone to survive."

On the question of influencing votes by the Congress candidate who contested from BJP earlier, he said that this effort is doing all. The leaders of everybody are coming. Speaking, giving a publicity, but there is no need to distract from them. The public has decided to make Modi the Prime Minister again.

Rita said, "I have worked very hard in this election, I have visited 320 villages, everyday public meetings are going on, I have not left any thing on the moon." Every candidate in the democracy becomes responsible for the most dialogue I have done that. There is no effect of Congress candidate. "

On the question of contesting the elections for the BJP, for remaining 24 years in Congress, decorating the post of state president, he said that the Congress has lost its full base since last 20 years. The landlord has not even tried to prepare. The central leadership, the Gandhi Nehru family, has not allowed anyone to move forward in the state.

Rita said, "As long as you will not strengthen the regional leadership that it will create a worker for you, nothing is going to happen till now, Congress will get only 5 percent of the votes here." In response to another question, he said that My father Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna had to resign due to Indira Gandhi during the Emergency. "

He said that we have no challenge from the coalition. It's just flying air arrows. These are scattered people, this coalition will be scattered again. Caste politics did not last in 2014. Will not run again. The public has made the mind of making Modi the Prime Minister again. Modi wave is going on.

Responding to a question, Rita Joshi said, "There can be a contest from anywhere in the country of democracy, born in Allahabad, the people of Lucknow have taken their hands, because of the work, people love me. Wherever I go, people will love him, I am known for his good image among the people. I am with the BJP and Modi for nationalism. "

In the past few years, Allahabad University, considered to be the Oxford University of Purvancha, blamed the Samajwadi Party for spoiling the atmosphere of education.

Rita said that the temple of education was painted by the SP leaders by politics. The wrong people carried forward. In the university, contracts and crimes started happening. We have worked very hard to build a central university. A handful of people are spoiling the environment of education. They have to stop them. Efforts are on to improve the education and environment of the campus. University students and teachers are very good. He wants to read and study. Will find out in the hostels and the shame. How hard are the kids

"I was born in Allahabad, I grew up here, I studied from here, got a mayor from here, who is saying this about me, it is either worthless or it is external itself. . "

They also counted their priorities. The problem of drinking water and irrigation will be resolved in the Yamuna Pahar. Naini will be reelected as a vocation for industry.

Born in Rita Bahuguna Joshi Prayagraj and studying in history from Allahabad University. It became a professor in the history department right here He lived in Congress for 24 years before joining the BJP on October 21, 2016. Since 2003, the president of All India Mahila Congress and President of Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee from 2007. MLA elected from Lucknow Cantonment in the 2012 assembly elections

In 2017, on the BJP ticket again won from Lucknow Cantonment and made women, family welfare, motherhood and child welfare and tourism minister. Between 1995-2000, the Mayor of Allahabad was employed. She has also got the United Nations Excellence Award for being the most prestigious woman in South Asia. In June 2001, the United Nations in Thailand was honored as the most prestigious woman mayor of South Asia.



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