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Meeting of Chief Minister and Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog

                                     Raipur : Chief Minister welcomes Vice-Chairman of NITI AayogChief Minister Dr Raman Singh accorded warm welcome to Vice-Chairman of NITI Ayog Dr Rajiv Kumar at Secretariat (Mahanadi Bhavan). Chief Secretary Mr. Vivek Dhand was also present on the occasion.

                                      Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh today had a meeting with Vice-Chairman of NITI Aayog Dr Rajiv Kumar, member of the Aayog Dr Saraswat and Advisor Mr. Anil Shrivastava at Secretariat (Mahanadi Bhavan), and discussed on various issues. Chief Secretary Mr. Vivek Dhand and Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Aman Kumar Singh was also present on the occasion.

State - wide campaign of Paddy and maize procurement commenced

                On the first day the Chief Minister conducted a surprise inspection of the Paddy Purchase Center


Raipur :In order to give the farmers a fair price for their produce, the state-wide special drive of purchasing paddy and corn under Chhattisgarh support price policy started from today.
Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh has given his best wishes for the success of the campaign. Dr. Singh conducted a surprise inspection of the Paddy Purchase Center at village Anjora in Rajnandgaon district on the first day today. While talking to the farmers coming to sell paddy there, they informed the state government about the facilities being provided in the earning centers for procurement of paddy and maize.
In this center Smt Kamladevi of village Magralota also came with 123 katta paddy. Until the arrival of Dr. Singh, there had been 293 quintals of paddy coming in there. The Chief Minister also informed the farmers about their cultivation and crop etc. They also looked at scales and distributions and also tested the quality of paddy. Dr. Singh appealed to the farmers to bring paddy to the well and clean it and sell it for selling.
It is worth noting that in the current kharif marketing year 2017-18, the maximum limit for purchasing of paddy from farmers has been fixed with 15 quintal linking per acre. The Directorate of Food Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection has issued instructions from the Ministry (Mahanadi Bhavan) to all the district collectors and other relevant officials in the state by issuing circulars to the purchase work.



Dr. Raman Singh meets two thousand visitors at "Jan Darshan"

Dr. Raman Singh sanctions works worth Rs 97 lakh    

Raipur : Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh today met about two thousand citizens at the weekly 'Jan Darshan' programme at his official residence. He heard their grievances patiently and gave necessary instructions to the concerned department officials. He met a delegation of Baiga Adivasis from district Kabirdham who complained regarding the land pattas. Dr. Raman Singh called upon the Kabirdham District Collector and ordered him to resolve the tribals' issue as early possible. About 110 Baiga tribals' families informed the Chief Minister that they are residing at the village Dhamgarh tehsil Pandaria district Kabirdham for the past 80 years and doing farming. In the year 1975 the State Government had allotted them pattas also. The Revenue Department officers collected the land pattas for conducting a survey in the year 2014 and never returned the pattas. Dr. Raman Singh assured the delegation that justice will be done as early as possible. Chief Minister met a lot of visitors from various parts of the State including the capital. There were many people's representatives, delegations and individual complaints.

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh sanctioned 25 developmental works worth Rs 97 lakhs on the representations of panchs-sarpanchs and several public representatives. The works include cement roads, community halls and bridges culverts. He sanctioned funds to 67 seriously ill patients from the Sanjeevni Trust and directed the 57 ill patients to the Ambedkar Hospital for free medical treatment. Dr. Raman Singh met several tribals and directed the concerned department officials to resolve their grievances as early as possible.

A delegation of sarpanchs and other representatives from Gram Panchayats Arjuni, Korgapaar and Devri Development block Gunderdehi district Balod in a  memorandum requested the Chief Minister that drinking water should be augmented to the region from Khapri water reservoirs. Survey had been completed under the 'Nal-Jal' project. Dr. Raman Singh directed the memorandum to the Public Health Engineering  Department for necessary action and perusal.

A delegation of villagers from Gram Panchayat Badedevgaon Tehsil Kharsiya district Raigarh in a memorandum requested the Chief Minister to upgrade the Government High School to Higher Secondary School at Badedevgaon. Chief Minister directed the request to School Education Department.


CM: Chief Minister meets more than two thousand people: Chief Minister on the issue of lease of Bagga tribal

Dr. Raman Singh listened to everyone

Approximately 97 lakh construction works sanctioned immediately

Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh met the common people in the Jan Darshan program organized in his residence complex here today and heard the problems of the people. Dr. Singh took the memorandum of the delegation of the tribals from Bagga tribal from Kabirdham district immediately after taking cognizance and instructed the collector to ensure proper disposal of the problems related to the tribal lease at the earliest. The Chief Minister met with more than two thousand people of different districts of the state including Rajpura Raipur in today's Janarshan. Out of these 928 people were involved in various delegations, while 1,115 people submitted applications to the Chief Minister about his personal problems.

On the request of Panch-Sarpanchs and other people's representatives, the Chief Minister gave immediate approval for the construction work of around 97 lakh rupees, including works of CC Road, community building and bridges in 25 applications in today's Darshan. Dr. Singh approved 62 patients for sanitation fund and sanctioned 57 patients for medical treatment at Ambedkar Hospital affiliated to Medical College. Dr. Singh took the memorandum of the delegation of tribals from Bagga tribal from Kabirdham and immediately instructed the collector to ensure proper disposal of problems of tribals in the mobile phone. The delegation informed the Chief Minister that in the memorandum to the Chief Minister that about 110 families of BEGA tribals in the village Damagad under Pandaria tehsil area of ​​Kabirdham district are living and cultivated for the last 80 years. In the year 1975, they were given land lease by the government, but in the year 2014, the revenue officials of the area have deposited their land leases to investigate and till date they did not get the lease back of their land.

The Chief Minister assured the delegation that in this case, the tribal people of Bagga will be given justice. Gram Panchayat Arjuni, Korgapar and Deori (A) (Vikas-Ghundrehi) Sarpanchs and other representatives of District Balod, submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister urging them to provide drinking water supply to 10 villages from Khapri reservoir. He told the Chief Minister that the surveys have been completed for the Nal-Jal Yojna from this reservoir. When it is constructed, people of ten villages, including Arjuni, Sakaroud, Gorkapar, Khapri, Sarasida, Parsada, will get enough water.

The Chief Minister sent his memorandum to Secretary of Public Health Department for necessary action. Villagers of Gram Panchayat Baradevgaon (Tehsil Kharsia) District Raigad also met the Chief Minister. He handed over a memorandum to Dr. Singh and requested to upgrade the government high school of village Big Deogan in the form of Higher Secondary School. The Chief Minister sent his memorandum to the Education Minister Mr. Kedar Kashyap.

Encouraging results of Prime Minister's historic decision :DR. Raman singh

RAIPUR : The Kaladan protest day will be celebrated on the first anniversary of the ban on November 08, across the country. Chief Minister Dr Raman Singh has said that the decision taken for the cessation (monopolization) under the leadership of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has proved to be a historic and revolutionary step towards the prevention of black money and strengthening the country's economy. 
Dr. Singh said in his message in the name of the people here on the eve of Kaladan protest day that the biggest reason for serious problems like corruption, terrorism, poverty and inflation is black money. Therefore, the Prime Minister has initiated a direct fight against black money through the monetization to liberate the country from these problems.
This is the determinant of the Prime Minister's determination. Dr. Singh said that with the introduction of the new notes by repealing old notes of 500 and 1000, the operation of fake notes in the country has been effectively restricted to the effective control.
Police action has been taken promptly to criminals trying to run counterfeit notes. As a result of this, such criminals have got a lot of pleasure. Dr. Raman Singh said within just one year of the note-off, a huge increase of about three lakh crore rupees has been recorded in the deposits of banks across the country including Chhattisgarh,
Which is proving to be very helpful in improving the economy of the country. Over one crore workers in the entire country have been linked to Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and Employee Insurance Scheme (ESI).
The Chief Minister said - Cashless and online payments are being promoted in the country as an alternative to monetization. In just one year, cashless digital payments in our country have registered a record increase of 56 percent.
He said- The Chhattisgarh government is also promoting cashless transactions under the Prime Minister's Digital India campaign in his state. In the Chief Minister's Health Insurance scheme, smart card is being given to all the families of the state. Based on the smart card, they will get 30,000 rupees instead of free treatment up to 50 thousand rupees per year. The Chief Minister said that positive and encouraging results of banquo



Abujhemad (baster): killing 6 Naxalites in police and Naxalite encounter

AbujaMad: News of 6 Naxalites have been reported in police and Naxalite encounter in Abujemad area today, according to information received from the sources in the encounter in the Orchha police station area of ​​Aboujhad region Tuesday (November 7) in the encounter between police and Naxalites. 6 Naxalites are reported to have been killed, it is being told that the Maoists killed included a woman Naxalite
A soldier of the security force has also been injured in this encounter. The ryuper has been referred to the injured jaw for treatment. The police has recovered the weapons from the dead Maoists and the police was conducting a search operation by siege the area on the fear that the Maoists would be hiding.


Raipur: With the memorable pictures of the first migration, the President left for Delhi. Photo Album presented by the Chief Minister



Raipur : After the 23-hour Presidential visit to Chhattisgarh, Chief Minister Raman Singh visited the Photo Album of the memorable photos of various programs of this migration.

The President expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister with the amazement at being prepared to compile the freshly updated pictures of his busy programs of Raipur and Giroudpuri and to prepare the album with such readiness. Chief Secretary Mr. Vivek Dhand and Principal Secretary to Chief Minister Mr. Aman Kumar Singh were also present there.
It is notable that this was the first Chhattisgarh visit of Mr. Covind as President. This album, produced by the Public Relations Department, includes photos of their arrival on November 5, and the participation of Raj Bhavan and Rajya Sabha programs along with fresh photographs of their programs organized in Gurdapuri Dham this afternoon.
After the program of President Mr. Kovind Giroudpuri, afternoon Swami Vivekananda, situated directly considered by helicopter, reached the airport and from there the Indian Air Force flew to New Delhi.
Before departure, specially expressed grief over seeing Giraudpuri's own photographs and said that it was only half an hour ago. Soon enough to be included in the album and ready to be eagerly aware of the readiness of the officers and employees of the state government.
It is notable that on the instructions of Chief Minister, the Public Relations Department's Director and Joint Secretary Mr. Rajesh Sukumar Toppo created an action plan to prepare the President's album with his departmental team, which could give this album on time to Mr. Covind.


Raipur: The Chief Minister visited the Souvenir

The Chief Minister, Dr. Raman Singh, presented the memento to the President Mr. Ramnath Kovind on the occasion of concluding the five-day Rajya Sabha held in New Raipur here on the occasion of the celebration of state ornamentation. The President of the function, Shri Balramji Das Tandon, was the President. Speaker of the Assembly, Shri Gaurishankar Agarwal, Minister of State, S / Shri Ramsewak Pakra, Brij Mohan Agarwal, Prem Prakash Pandey, Amar Agarwal, Punnulal Mohle, Ajay ChandraKar, Rajesh Murat, Kedar Kashyap, Mahesh Gagra, Dayaladas Baghel, Bhaiyalal Rajwada and Mrs. Ramsheela Sahu. Lok Sabha MP Mr. Ramesh Bai, Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam and former Speaker of the Assembly Mr. Dharla Senior leader, legislator and various institutions and organizations, officials, including Kaushik was welcomed.

Raipur: The President has honored four senior journalists with state ancillaries.

President Shri Ramnath Kovind presented the four senior journalists of the state with the awards instituted by the Public Relations Department at the concluding of the five-day Chhattisgarh Rajya Sabha held in New Raipur and State Assignment Ceremony here today. Of these, Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi was conferred the Pandit Madhavrao Sapre National Creativity Award, Mr. Asif Iqbal under the Hindi Pant Media and Mr. Awadhesh Mishra under the Hindi Electronic Media, Chandu Lal Chandrakar Smruti Journalism Award and Mr. E.V. under the English print media. Murali was awarded the Madhukar Kher Memorial Journalism Award. In the function organized under the chairmanship of Governor Balarama Das Tandon, Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Speaker of the Assembly Shri Gaurishankar Aggarwal were present as a special guest. Ministers of State Govt. S / Shri Ramsewak Pakra, Brij Mohan Agarwal, Prem Prakash Pandey, Amar Agarwal, Punnulal Mohle, Ajay Chandrakar, Rajesh Murat, Kedar Kashyap, Mahesh Gagra, Dayaladas Baghel, Bhaiyalal Rajwada and Mrs. Ramsheela Sahu, Lok Sabha MP from Raipur, Mr. Ramesh Bai, Rajya Sabha MP Ramvichar Netam, former senior Speaker Mr Dharamlal Kaushik, senior senior leader, MLA And various institutions and organizations, officials welcomed him.

Raipur: The President honored 18 citizens and five institutions with state ancillaries.

President Shri Ramnath Kovind concluded the 5-day Chhattisgarh Statehood 2017 held in New Raipur this evening and for the best of all the services given to the 18 citizens and 5 institutions in various state of the state at the state ornamentation ceremony, by the ornaments installed in the name of great figures Was honoured. Chief Minister Dr. Raman Singh and Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Mr. Gaurishankar Agarwal were honored as the special guests in the function organized under the chairmanship of Governor Mr. Balramji Das Tandon. On this occasion, senior officials of the state government's ministers, MPs, MLAs and other senior people's representatives, including the officers and representatives of various institutions and a large number of citizens were present.

Sant Bhakti Panthi Kalyan Samiti, located in village Hathikalakal (District Mungeli) at the function, Guru Ghasidas Samman for social consciousness and social justice, Bilha Sahakari Marketing Institute situated at Village Sargaon (District Mungeli), Thakur Pyarelal Singh honors in the field of cooperative, Rajpura Raipur Dronaar Bhamashah Samman and Risali (Bhilai Nagar) for donation, harmony and exemplary support to Shri Dudhadhari Math Dr. Bhanwar Singh Portse Award for the service and upliftment of the tribals, was awarded to the Multi-Oriented Janjagaran Seva Samiti of the Institute. Mahant Ramusundar Das of Dudhadhari Matha received the award. In this connection, the Chattisgarh Mitanan institution was conferred with the Pandit Ravi Shankar Shukla Award in the social, economic and educational field. Pandit Madhav Rao Sapre for senior journalist and writer Dr. Himanshu Dwivedi received National Creativity Award, Senior Journalist Mr. Asif Iqbal, Chandulal Chandrakar Smriti Journalism Award, Television Journalist Mr. Awadheesh Mishra, Hindi Chondulal Chandrakar Smriti Journalism Award in Hindi electronic media and Shri E.V. Murali received the Madhukar Kher Memorial Journalism Award in the English Print Media.

In addition to this, Mr. Ghanshyam Singh Thakur was honored with the martyr Virarnarayan Singh Honor, Kumari Renuka Yadav in the field of Tribal and Backward Classes upliftment, Honor of Honor in the field of sports, Social worker Smt. Geeta Banjare, Minimata Honor in the field of Women's Uplift, Service of Urdu Language Shi Mohammad Mohammed Sajjad Ali (Gauhar Jamali) for Haji Hassan Ali honors, in the field of archery Raja Chakradhar Singh honored in the field of Maharaja Praveer Chandra Bhanjdev honor, music and art in the field of art, music and art; Pandit Sunderlal Sharma honored Dr. Surinder Dubey in the field of literature / zonal literature; Dow Mandaraji honored to folk poet Smt. Progressive Farmer Mr. Rohit Kumar Sahu has been honored with Dr. Thoopchand Bazel Honor, Samaj Sevi Shri Sitaram Aggarwal as Maharaja Agar Pandit Lakhanlal Mishra Award was given to Shree Shanti, Shankuntala Sharma, Sanskrit language honors and Police Inspector, Shri Sanjay Pundir, in the field of fish farming, Shri Yashwant Kumar Kevat was honored with the honor of Dr. Devendra Kumar Kataria for Ayurvedic doctor Dr. Devender Kumar Kataria. The introduction of respected citizens and institutions for state organs has also been displayed on the website DPRCGDotGovVdtain (dprcg.gov.in).

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